Review by Miks_solon -- How To Be Successful

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Latest Review: How To Be Successful by M. Curtis McCoy

Review by Miks_solon -- How To Be Successful

Post by Miks_solon »

[Following is a volunteer review of "How To Be Successful" by M. Curtis McCoy.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Are you having a hard time looking for motivation to launch a business? Build Relationships? Or restore your life? This book is ideally designed for you.

How To Be Successful by M. Curtis McCoy provides comprehensive advice on becoming successful in your distinguished endeavours. It is divided into 27 remarkable chapters, containing inspirational stories, interviews, and testimonies about getting up after falling. The book commenced with the chapter What Is Your Excuse? Where he met a man riding in a Ferrari, who you never thought would go through a bankruptcy, being homeless and left by a wife. The man recounted his story on how he recovered despite having almost nothing. While people like him were able to do it, what’s your excuse for not pursuing your goals then?

Primarily, this book aims to provide and develop ideas that will encourage its readers to establish a mindset and philosophies about success. The author added that this is not limited to financial prosperity but also to attain a balanced and enjoyable life. Because of that, this book includes building quality friendships, improving attitude, and what you’d be going to prepare even if you're at the peak of success. Therefore, this doesn’t only deal with being an entrepreneur but also becoming the best version of yourself.

The main idea is practicing resiliency, and it was what I appreciated about this book. As I read through the chapters, the book was suggestive about not getting troubled with the difficulties. This vision has become the common denominator of several interviews and testimonies, even the author himself, McCoy. Furthermore, I have learned failure happens only when you give up. That instance, where you flunked, flopped, or fell was just part of the process and it grooms you to be ready. Hence, success can happen countless times as much as you want to, while failure happens only once you give up.

It is 4 out of 4 stars. There’s nothing that I can justly complain of from the book. There were no evident grammatical errors, and I have no problem with its length. Thus the perfect rating. I recommend this to all readers, especially self-help book lovers. This guide will give you holistic approaches to achieving a quality state of living. Open yourselves with these ideas, although this is a self-help book, the results will be unguaranteed unless you cooperate and learn for yourself. It doesn’t have complicated words, so it's easier to understand.

I believe M. Curtis McCoy is admirably qualified to write this book. He’s an entrepreneur who has suffered illnesses since his childhood. He was able to overcome those through maintaining the unshakable faith; to God, to the people around him, and himself. I realized that when your intentions are genuine and clean, the universe will respond accordingly.
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How To Be Successful
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Post by Ellylion »

I am absolutely going to read this book, it seems to be so handy and useful! Thank you for a great review!

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Interesting quote at the end. A nice, relaxing and motivational read it seems. I would like to get my hands on this. I wonder if the author is a descendant of the famous McCoys. Nice review.

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Post by aaurba »

I am intrigued by how straightforward the title of this book is. I am wondering, "If I read this book, would I really be successful?"
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Latest Review: How To Be Successful by M. Curtis McCoy

Post by Magnify3 »

This looks like a book that I can read. I like this saying: "Failure only happens when you give up." Thanks for this review.

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Post by LiLj »

I like the quote that you inclueded at the end of the review. Great review.

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Post by MeganDJ »

Yay! I love self-help books. I look forward to picking this one up at some point! Thank you for your well-written and insightful review! Happy reading :techie-studyinggray:
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Post by Seroney_ »

I love self-help books. I am glad that it's not limited to entrepreneurship but can be read by people, from all works of life.
Great review

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Post by Tonika632 »

This book seems very useful, it is a good read. I love how the author provided multiple resources and terms of how to make yourself successful. Great review!

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Post by Viczboy16 »

aaurba wrote:
08 Sep 2020, 05:36
I am intrigued by how straightforward the title of this book is. I am wondering, "If I read this book, would I really be successful?"
I am currently reading this book. The book would change your mind set about success and encourage you to make a move.

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Post by Erandi Ekanayake »

Sounds like a worth reading. Thanks for the descriptive and thorough review. Great work!

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Post by Sou Hi »

Thank you for your meaningful review. Looks like this book will serve well as an example for those who want to give up, and as a guide for those who refuse to give up.

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Post by Dominik_G »

How To Be Successful seems like an inspirational self-help book with practical tips and techniques for those who want to improve their lives. Thank you for your great review!

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