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Latest Review: We are Voulhire: The Flesh of the Mind by Matthew Tysz

Review by LeDiplomatique -- We are Voulhire: The Flesh o...

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[Following is a volunteer review of "We are Voulhire: The Flesh of the Mind" by Matthew Tysz.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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From Voulhire, Galen travels to Caromentis to persuade Meldorath to help Voulhire against the Voulhire invasion initiated by the Emperor of Lullabies. Caromentis is the imaginary world also known as the Flesh of the Mind. Galen had banished Meldorath to Caromentis before he, himself, had disappeared. His friends, Demetrius and Rowan believe Galen is dead. Meanwhile, the two friends go to the school of the Mianoran knights in Diamora. Demetrius teams up with Midius Maido to train the upcoming Mianoran knights in preparation for reinstatement into the service of Voulhire, after being overthown by Chaletherian knights. The Emperor of Lullabies sends his envoys to all towns of Voulhire to intimidate them to submission. A group of archers led by Angela Velys choose not to take the invasion of their town, Cridaea, lying down. It’s amazing who this mysterious woman turns out to be. Will Voulhire be liberated from the clasp of the Emperor of Lullabies?

We are Voulhire: The flesh of the Mind is the fourth book in the We are Voulhire series. The most outstanding theme of this book is ambition. Meldorath aspires to rule Caromentis despite King Javikun Modius being the ruler there. Meanwhile, Demetrius aspires to take over the Mianoran school after Maido, as Maido aspires to be reinstated as Chancellor so as to choose the right king for Voulhire and bring King Nartik to justice. On the other hand, Harper, the estranged daughter of the previous king, Wilhelm, aspires to rule Voulhire kingdom with her brother Darius, the former, disinterested prince. The book is written in several points of view. Each chapter talks about a specific character with the title highlighting which character it is. The chapters of characters who were present in the previous book are written in their own perspective while the chapters of new characters are written in third person perspective.

Galen is the main character. However, my favorite character is Angela Velys, the courageous woman who could stand straight and challenge the terrifying invaders. In a nutshell, the characters are very interesting and the character development is profound. Additionally, Matthew Tysz has effectively handled the elements of the book’s plot. The introduction is catchy and it makes you want to read further into the book. The suspense and climax aspects are excellently developed and they are effective in holding the attention of the reader. I love how the book is concluded because it made me yearn for the next book in the series.

I most love the inclusion of a map of Voulhire in the beginning of the book. However, the names of places in the map are written in a faint color that it is not easy to locate some places in it because the color of the words blends into the background color of the map. The author could improve on this, keeping in mind that there are readers whose sight is not sharp. I least like that the author did not number the pages. The page numbering was helpful in the previous books because it made it easy to keep tabs on what page you are in, especially when pointing out errors. Additionally, there are wording disparities in the series. In the previous books, the devise for destroying the demons was called the Hollenblaze while in this book it is continually called the Hollenblase.

I came across many errors and a few profanities. The book does not contain erotic scenes, however, there are phrases which are erotic in nature. This is a book suitable for lovers of adventure and those who do not mind same-sex undertones. I also recommend it to those who love a book with graduated language. I enjoyed the book immensely due to its language. I will not rate it 2 stars because the author utilized literary devices enormously in the book. I will not rate it 4 stars because there are still some improvements the author can work on. Therefore, I rate We are Voulhire: The flesh of the Mind 3 out of 4 stars.

We are Voulhire: The Flesh of the Mind
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Nice review! I like Angela, too. Out of the female characters, she's my most favorite: strong, independent, wise but respectful and considerate. No wonder why Rowan admires her so much.
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