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Review by Momiji1987 -- The Solution is Political Revolu...

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[Following is a volunteer review of "The Solution is Political Revolution" by Jillion R Rising.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The Solution is Political Revolution by Jillion R Rising is a book that seeks to unify Americans against our corrupt government. Republicans and Democrats have been pitting us against each other for decades. While they divide us into political “tribes” of white, black, conservative, gay, Christian, women, etc., they keep us distracted with immigration and social justice issues (that never gets solved) and the status quo continues. The Congress’s only aim is to continue getting rich off lobbyists doing the will of Wall Street and a never-ending cycle of creating fiat money that’s stealing from you, the American people. The thing is, these politicians all depend on you to keep this scam going. It’s time for the people to ditch the labels these politicians use to divide us and unite to take back our nation together.

Mr. Rising has done a rare thing in political books, and that is to remain completely unbiased. I’ve read several books that deal with politics and even though the author claims to be unbiased, I can always see exactly how they vote and want to influence their readers. The venom and hatred for the opposing side are nearly always felt. In this book, there is no Trump or Obama bashing which is honestly refreshing. The author reveals the facts. The facts speak for themselves, and they’re not influenced by talking points or media on any side.

The author shows us how the housing crisis was an organized collapse that was orchestrated by our own government. The policies of Reagan, Obama and Bush all had a hand in creating the catastrophe and perpetuating the transfer of your money to the hands of greedy elites. By showing us this event, the author also exposes how the Affordable Care Act is another orchestrated money grab that targets Baby Boomers and results in Millennials being gipped as well. The author sees that our rising debt is not only the next cause for concern, but an excuse for our government to eventually cause the fiat monetary system to collapse and chain us to a global currency after subjecting us to a UN bailout via the International Monetary Fund.

This book is very informative and much of the inner workings of the government was new to me. I understood that lobbyists and their senators were in cahoots to enrich themselves, but the extent to which they go to deceive voters and erect government programs that really only benefit themselves was not clear to me before. The author is very thorough, presenting at times a dense explanation of what happened, who was involved, and the outcome for we the people. This isn’t conspiracy and the only agenda is to educate Americans as to what’s been happening. The author presents some very detailed ideas which are quite novel. He has a plan for a TV show to help spur new business ideas and several changes to government that he believes would make everything better. He welcomes you to create ideas if you can out do his. His main objective is to get people thinking of solutions instead of the political merry-go-round we’ve dealt with for decades.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars for perfect editing and interesting content. There is so much detail in the book I can’t really fit everything into this review. I particularly enjoyed the chapter that discussed Capitalism vs Socialism and Nationalism vs Globalism. The author makes it easy to understand what’s really going on with these agendas and why one or parts of one are not good for America. There’s no spin, just unbiased truth. You can’t ask for more unless you really loathe politics or are comfortable believing what the government tells you.

The Solution is Political Revolution
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