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Latest Review: Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer's Guide by William H. Coles

Review by bookreviewmi1111 -- Creating Literary Stories:...

Post by bookreviewmi1111 »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer's Guide" by William H. Coles.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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If you want to learn how to write fiction books that attract readers, then Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer's Guide by William H. Coles will be helpful to you.

Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer's Guide is a book written specifically for those who want to learn how to write good stories and create good characters for their stories. This book consists of two main parts: "Book One" and "Book Two". The first part teaches readers to build characters, dramas, conversations, and humor while telling stories to keep audiences' attention. The second part of the book teaches readers how to be great at storytelling and how to create emotional stories.

I used to read a book written by William H. Coles named "The Illustrated Fiction of William H. Coles 2000-2012," and that was one of the best fiction books I had ever read. Doubtless, he is one of the most qualified fiction authors in the world at the moment. While reading this book, I understood more about his talent. I believe this book can help you so much if you are learning about how to write good fictional stories.

The author started each chapter with the definitions of different words related to writing, and I appreciated it. What I loved most about this book was that he used one old story called "Little Red Riding Hood" to make readers understand more about character-based plot. With in-depth explanations, I think most people would find this book easy to understand and follow.

As much as I like this book, it is not perfect. This book may be a little short for those who are serious about building a real career as a professional writer. I appreciate that the author used the "Little Red Riding Hood" story to make one of his lessons easier to understand. However, most of the other parts of this book did not do the same thing. While reading, I hoped that I could see more stories used as examples, but there were not enough of them. If the author could add more examples to each of his small lessons, this book would be flawless.

Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer's Guide is an informative book. Even though I hope this book could provide more examples in every small chapter, its rest is exceptional. This book is professionally edited, and I am happy to rate it 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend it to anyone interested in writing literary fictional books.

Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer's Guide
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Post by riyosha »

Nice review!
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Post by Agnes Masobeng »

I enjoyed reading the book to and your review of it it well written and very detailed.
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Post by Teddyquam »

I hope to write my own fiction books in the future. I also read William's short stories and I can see how he would be able to provide valuable advice on fiction writing. That book was great!
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Post by victoriasimons »

I also loved reading William H. Coles book of illustrated short stories so was curious to see what reviewers thought of this book. Thank you for the insightful review!
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Post by Chickenwings00 »

This is an exciting book that very meaningful to the reader. I’m glad I did enjoy it.
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Post by QuirkyPenn »

I also enjoy reading William H. Coles novels and this sounds like an excellent book for aspiring writers to read.
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Post by xsquare »

Sounds like an informational goldmine for aspiring fiction writers. Thanks for the insightful review!
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I'd def love to learn how to write really good fiction stories. Thanks for this insightful review. Good job!
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Post by Sou Hi »

Thanks for reviewing. I've never thought that there would be books to show guidance about how to write a book. This would be useful for those who want to start their writing career.
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Post by Mantha1 »

I agree with you that William H. Coles is a talented writer. I just finished one of his books and I loved it. Lovely review by the way.
Alice Ngugi
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Post by Alice Ngugi »

William H. Cole's credibility on teaching how to write fictional stories is totally justified. I would absolutely love to read his insights. He is such a wonderful and talented writer from the samples of his books I have read. Great review!
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