Featured Review by Gudamercy -- Wisdom by Arun mago

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Re: Featured Review by Gudamercy -- Wisdom by Arun mago

Post by LouAnne1971 »

I think it is typical for this type of book to seem generic because so much has been written on how to improve your situation and finances.

However, your review gives the sense that the author is giving sound advice, just that maybe they played it safe. It does sound interesting and I would certainly read the book based on your review.

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Post by Drado_27 »

Even though I agree with you about those unfair accusations of poor people for being poor, i think the lessons in this book might be interesting. Great review!

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Pamela Bianca Mas
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Post by Pamela Bianca Mas »

The goal of the book is admirable. However, based on the review, the content appears generic and therefore will not stand out among other self-help books.
Pamela Bianca Mas

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Post by Rave4 »

You can never improve enough, so I think anything that can help me get better is worth reading. As for the rich is poor argument, you can't totally disagree with the author's view, while some circumstances are beyond us, we determine most.

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Post by Mariam8484 »

I think anything that can help me get better is worth reading.

Daisy Cheruto
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Post by Daisy Cheruto »

Your review has left me salivating for the book ! I'm definitely adding this to my basket of books !well done pal

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Post by LouAnne1971 »

"I think being rich or poor is relative and not entirely defined by money alone."

Many people gauge riches by things that are intangible. Family and friends are examples of that. However, he does bring up interesting points by highlighting that we do learn from everything in our environment. this includes a good things and the bad things that happen around us and that ain't also includes a good people in the bad people that we encounter. Overall, I find your review to be good and insightful.

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Post by Omega 6 »

You are right. Books such as this, when the illustrations become unreal, I feel like the authour is over emphasing. You did a great job by your concise and interesting review.

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Post by Cazrichmond »

Thank you for a wonderful review. This books sounds interesting and full of advice and experience to help guide others. I like the cover picture too, a lion always represents strength and empowerment.

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Post by rahilshajahan »

lavenderbooks20 wrote:
22 Aug 2020, 03:39
I don’t agree with that ‘rich vs poor’ narrative at all. There are a lot of factors as to why poverty exists. Mostly, in the form of things beyond our control. So I think I might give this book a pass. Although surely, it would appeal to the right audience. Great review!
I agree with lavender on this note. Thanks for a detailed review though!
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