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Latest Review: The McCoys Before The Feud by Thomas McCoy

Review by hisamluv -- The McCoys Before The Feud

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[Following is a volunteer review of "The McCoys Before The Feud" by Thomas McCoy.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The McCoys: Before The Feud was written about twenty two men of the McCoy clan. These men had fought on both sides of the American Civil War in the 1860s. The story began just as the war ended with the Southern Army's defeat. Thomas A. McCoy Jr. (Tommy), his father Thomas A. McCoy Sr. and their kinsfolk were prepared to return to their individual homes immediately after the "pass in review" held by the Northern Army in order to cement their victory.

A few days to the "pass in review", Tommy received a important letter from Teresa (Terry), his former betrothed. He and his father passed this message to the available members of their clan. Immediately after the review, he rushed down to Lawrence where Terry lived. She gave him a map showing four caches of valuables in Missouri and a general's large stash close to Lawrence, Kansas. These were valuables looted from the Southern people during the war and had been hidden illegally by some military personnel rather than been turned over to the government.

As the story progressed, Tommy returned to his kinsfolk who had waited for him and other clan members at a campsite. Together, they planned to raid and exploit the caches and if possible, return the stolen treasures to their rightful owner. However, they also intend to keep a share of the loots for themselves to help them return to a decent life after years of war.

How do they plan to raid these guarded caches? Will they eventually succeed or fail? What will be the consequence of their success or failure? Find out the answers in the thrilling The McCoys Before The Feud by Thomas A. McCoy.

What I liked most about the book is the author's simple and interesting writing style. The story was written progressively and every detail was properly explained. This made the story interesting and also made reading light and absorbing. In fact, I read half of the book the first time I opened it. It was really a unique reading experience. The author's writing style just glues you to the book.

What I disliked most about the book is the story's theme. Key themes were not emphasized while others were not even mentioned. For example, the romance between Tommy and Terry was introduced from the start but was not well-developed. Also, the theme of betrayal was not even mentioned and this should not have been so. Since these were men who in some cases have never met while in other cases, have not seen each other for a long period of time and were dealing with bounties worth millions of dollars. At the least, one of them should have potrayed a wrong motive, which would have made the story more better.

I believe the absence of this themes (as good as their absence sounds) hindered the book from reaching its full potentials. This made the story seem "too good to be true".

However, the story was a good one and I recommend it to any reader. I rate the book 3 out of 4 stars . Apart from being interesting, there were also no cases of profanity. The author wrote in simple words though a few conversation were held in old American-accented-English. There were no erotic scenes making it perfect for everyone. This book had left a good impression on me and I'm encouraged to continue reading the next book in the The McCoys: Before The Feud saga. I encourage potential readers to do the same.

The McCoys Before The Feud
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