Review by Falconcrest -- Killing Abel by Michael Tieman

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Latest Review: Killing Abel by Michael Tieman

Review by Falconcrest -- Killing Abel by Michael Tieman

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Killing Abel" by Michael Tieman.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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In the historical fiction novel Killing Abel by Michael Tieman, the author weaves a mesmerizing story based on the documented events from the bible. The author takes us on an in-depth analysis of the book of Genesis. This story begins with a figurative narration of the story of Adam and Eve. I found this book intriguing as the author explored all the pertinent issues that revolve around creation. Michael Tieman has a creative imagination and brought the whole book to life with his epic tale. The stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and Noah, are retold in a calculated step-by-step manner and are adequately accompanied by references from the King James Bible.

Initially, we are thrust into the world of Adam and Eve as they fall from grace and depart from the presence of God and the magical Garden of Eden. Deceived by Lucifer to eat of the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge, they are cast out into the cruel world by the almighty God. They are soon overwhelmed by their everyday hardships and their treasured memories of God, and the garden slowly fades away. I found the author's unique hypothesis refreshing, as his approach to the documented events opened up my imagination and I had an interesting look at the bible from a new perspective. This book is an entirely new adventure and a breath of fresh air, as we begin our journey with Adam and Eve as they embark on their monumental task of dealing with the new set of challenges set before them. We are given a front-row seat, as we watch their lives unfold without the fellowship of God, who had initially been there for them from the onset of their creation. God had lovingly been ever-present to guide them and embrace them through their journey, and all because of one act of disobedience they successfully severed their connection to him. As the story progressed Adam and Eve procreate and fill the earth with their seed, and they soon discover this to be a daunting task. I enjoyed how the author marinated the story with his interesting theories and successfully bridged the gap of what could have happened in between the scenes that the bible does not fully elaborate upon.

This book has a storyline that is so easy to follow, and the author uses a straight forward language and avoids using a lot of technical jargon. I also enjoyed the author's unique subjective writing skills that he shows us within his book, and I relished all his brilliant concepts as I traveled back in time with him. Killing Abel has some fascinating literature that will open up readers to new perspectives concerning the documented facts from the bible's creation of man and facts up to the great flood. This book brings into focus how the decisions of mankind from his initial conception have altered and shaped the world to what it is today. All the characters have solid backgrounds, and the author did a great job narrating the whole story that flowed like an adventure movie. And if you're planning on starting a family and want to know how to conceive a boy or girl child? Then you have to read this book because it has detailed information on how to achieve this task.

I was impressed as I learned about metal forging and the birth of fashion and design, and man's advances in welding the elements. This story also contains some compelling information on the birth of the criminal justice system. They are tons and tons of facts that dissect the Nephilim, and man's second fall from the grace of God. And did you know that, at one point, all the water on earth originated from one source? If you want to know the answer to that question, there's only one way to find out. Unfortunately, this book has no page numbers at the top or bottom of each page, but it has structured chapters and titles. They are some typographical errors within this book, but nothing serious that can distract readers from the main theme and flow of the story. This story also contains absolutely no erotic content or vulgar language and is suitable for a very wide audience, but parents and guardians are advised to read through it before giving access to younger book worms.

The author successfully exhibited his spectacular writing skills and at the flip of each page, I was filled with fear and respect for the awesome power of God. Michael Tieman's vivid descriptions of the Godhead are moving and evoked wild imaginations within me. The author had some wonderful insights into the events that unfolded before and during the great flood and has a firm grasp on the mechanisms of our current postdiluvian world. This story also reminded me of repentance and my journey with God. Enough time has been given to us to repent and change for the better, and soon this offer may be completely withdrawn. Killing Abel by Michael Tieman has successfully been awarded 3 out of 4 stars.

Killing Abel
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Absolutely amazing review. I’m left beyond intrigued. Reading stories retold in more creative ways are always exciting and I would love to read this one. From this review I already appreciate the writer’s creativity.

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