Review by Julius_ -- Dynomike: Pay It Forward

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Review by Julius_ -- Dynomike: Pay It Forward

Post by Julius_ »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Dynomike: Pay It Forward" by Frankie B. Rabbit.]
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Dynomike: Pay It Forward by Frankie B. Rabbit is a fictional children’s book about helping one another without expecting anything in return. According to the book, “Pay It Forward” simply means doing something nice to someone and expecting nothing in return. This is one of the books in the Dynomike series by Frankie B. Rabbit.

Dynomike walked into a store to buy some strawberry pickles only to realize that the store had sold out all the pickles. On his way home, he saw Spunky pushing a cart full of bananas uphill and struggling to pull it down the hill. He helped him by holding the cart to a stop. Spunky thanked him and was wondering how he could repay his kindness. Dynomike assured him that he didn’t expect any payment. Instead, he should make sure he helped someone else too. Spunky found a hungry pig and gave him some bananas. The cycle of helping one another continued, until at last, Dynomike was repaid for his initial kindness and he got some strawberry pickles from Jack, his friend.

This book includes some colorful illustrations on a colorful background. This will definitely appeal to young readers. The main theme, helping one another, expecting nothing in return, is very vital to children to make them grow into responsible adults. The children will, nevertheless, relate to the animal characters and, through this, treat animals with respect. The sentence construction was also short, repetitive and memorable.

I liked several things about this book. To begin with, the events are very repetitive. For instance, the art of helping those who are in need is repeated from one character to another. This will give children an easier way to memorize and instill this virtue in their personality. The book was also short and easy to read, with every word focusing on the primary theme. This prevented mix-up and confusion that could arise if several themes were to be included in the book. I also didn’t notice any grammatical errors throughout my reading. This book was, therefore, adequately edited.

There isn’t anything I didn’t like. I only have two improvement recommendations. First, I understand that the length of a children’s book should be shorter than that of an average novel, but this one is way too short. It will be better if a few pages are added so that the readers can get the most out of it. The writing font is also too small for a book with children as its primary target audience. Using a larger font size is highly recommended.

To crown it all, this is a very educative children’s book. I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend it to children between five to ten years of age. Because of the small fonts, some children may need help from the parents when reading it.

Dynomike: Pay It Forward
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Post by SomeoneInTheWorld »

This seems like an adorable children book with an important message. Thanks for the great review!
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Post by Cotwani »

I like that Dynomike eventually got a taste of his kindness. Kindness is a very important virtue to impart in children. Great review!
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Post by Shabram22 »

I like the lesson this book teaches children. I also like that you mentioned that events are repetitive with the characters. I never realized that children need repetition to have something stuck in their heads. Great job on your review!
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Post by JM Reviews »

This seems like a nice children's book
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Post by Ellylion »

Sounds like an amazing read for young kids that also brings such an important idea of paying forward :) A must read for sure! Thank you for a great review!
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Post by Marshal mutai »

It's a good move to instill the virtue of kindness at a tender age. This is a captivating book to children indeed
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Post by Leen282 »

I love the concept of paying forward, it's a good idea to have it as the topic of a children's book. Nice review!
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Post by DBNJ »

children are taught not to expect anything in return once they help someone else. This is a powerful lesson a child can learn reading this very well written children book. Great review!
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Post by moowshiri »

The art of giving without expecting anything in return is a virtue that we should instill in our young ones. It's a must-grab for me. Thanks for the detailed review.
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Post by Chigo Nwagboso »

Thanks for a great review, I'm glad that this will teach children how to give honestly with asking for a payback.
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Post by Emily_Jen »

Always give without expecting returns. It has a way of coming back to you, maybe even in thousand folds. I think this is a good lesson for children to learn early on. Nice review.
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