Review by chelhack -- E-M-P Honeymoon by Dorothy May Mercer

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Review by chelhack -- E-M-P Honeymoon by Dorothy May Mercer

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[Following is a volunteer review of "E-M-P Honeymoon" by Dorothy May Mercer.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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This story takes you on a fun-filled and action-packed journey through Honduras, as one of the protagonists of this book Kelly McBride stumbles across a secret lab located within a tourist shop. Nearly escaping this adventure will have one engaged right from the beginning with the twist and turns that take place within the contents of this book.

In E M P Honeymoon: Kelly & Tom by Dorothy May Mercer protagonists Kelly McBride and Tom Turbulo have just been married and are away at a Caribbean resort for their honeymoon. One day while Tom went out deep sea diving Kelly decides to take a tourist bus into and visit some of the gift shops. Entering the Piggy Savers store Kelly goes in search of an employee for her purchase. Roaming from room to room with the store Kelly stumbles into a room with a lot of computers. Displayed on the screen is something she has seen before yet can't quite put her finger on where or what it is exactly. Trying to figure out what it is she is looking at a man comes in stating she should not be back there and tries to attack her nearly escaping this one man along with the half a dozen others that go in search of her after she flees she places a call to her brothers Senator McBride. Still not out completely out of arms ways barely able to catch her breath and frantic she tries to relay to her brother what she had just witnessed. Unclear on what Kelly was telling him Senator McBride buts in some phone calls to alleys that he has within the area to inquire about any known threats that may be taking place at that time. Still unsatisfied on the feedback he has gotten and being a protective big brother he puts his secretary/security guard Cynthia and her team of women to dig further into the situation as well as sending a couple of the women to Honduras to keep an eye on Kelly and her new husband Tom.

Meanwhile, after making it back to the resort safely and having time to calm herself down and think she begins to remember that the display that was showing on the computer screens in the lab where the same one she had seen before in a world security class she had taken. Later relaying the information to Tom that night. With Tom being a police officer and all of the training that Kelly has taken or learned with her brother being a senator they both agree that this is something that they should take a deeper look into and begin planning their best way of being able to investigate without Kelly being seen. But little do they know there is someone out there who has their eye on Kelly already But soon everything will begin to unfold and the information or the fact that Kelly came across this lab and what it's true operation is will they be able to get the information into the right hands or will most of Northern America be destroyed and who could be behind this attack and why?

I like that this book has issues that are real-world issues in a lot of ways. Therefore, making the story something that most everyone will be able to relate to. Yet while the issue or plot is very serious, I also enjoy how the author seems to add just the right amount of humor to kind of ease the tension here and there throughout the storyline. I also love that the author has a good number of strong female characters that also make up a good portion of the content of the book. The characters were all likable for the most part and while reading it gives a feeling of knowing them by their traits personally. The detail of the characters, places and other things are given in just the right amounts.

Though it is not a major problem or one that drastically makes the book any better for me, I would have like to have known General Lee's overall intention, purpose or reasons for switching the controllers. Or at least been able to fully understand his thoughts about them being able to serve him as a type of insurance policy against or regarding Dear Leader.

I would say that this story is the best fit for and audience within a middle school age on up. Along with a targeted audience to be those who like fast-paced action thrillers with a little chemistry spark between some of the characters without it being an all-out romance.

In conclusion, I give E M P Honeymoon: Kelly and Tom a 3 out of 4-stars. It has a good plot and is well written. I captured my attention right from the beginning and held it until the end. It is filled with twists and turns that will keep its audience engaged. Plus, the balance of its serious nature and the humor is thrown in from time to time is well balanced. Which is why I would not give it a rating any lower. Yet for myself, there are a couple of minor things I would have liked to have seen added to the storyline that would have given it a higher score in my opinion.

E-M-P Honeymoon
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Chelsea N. Hackett

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