Review by Tirtharaj -- My Purpose by Bruce Francois

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Review by Tirtharaj -- My Purpose by Bruce Francois

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[Following is a volunteer review of "My Purpose" by Bruce Francois.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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If you are feeling aimless, lost and broken in life and need a reliable hand, this book will be of utmost relief to your being. The following review will explain clearly, how. In My Purpose, Mr. Bruce Francois shares how he took the challenge of finding his purpose in life. It is a challenge only a few dare to take. Are you one of them? I am sure you are. Continue reading.

Mr. Bruce, having Caribbean roots, came to USA and started working at Disney as a technology professional. He was living a happy life, made wealth over time, until the financial crash of 2007 shattered all monetary foundations he had developed over the years. He lost his home due to foreclosure. Mr. Bruce's dream of becoming a millionaire crumbled before his very eyes. These are devastating, disheartening and emotionally difficult experiences. Many of us can relate to his pain, if not the whole of it.

Gradually, questions started arising in his mind and made him think about his life. Money from his workplace kept him satisfied but deep inside he was not fulfilled. This was the point in his life when he started contemplating on his purpose. The challenges on his journey inward became intense but he was not ready to quit. His internal conflict grew and opened him up for reflection. Having a technological and ontological background, he studied purpose scientifically and dissected it, a spiritual concept into intelligible modules. In this book, Mr. Bruce will equip you with practical, actionable tools as you get ready to embark on a journey of soul-searching; to find purpose. My Purpose is a detailed knowledge base on purpose, analyzed scientifically to help you live life meaningfully, true to yourself.

Honestly, I loved everything about the book, from its friendly tone to its detailed scientific analyses. I loved its irresistible simplicity. The chapters build in progression but are self-sufficient in their own might. I learnt and related with Mr. Bruce when he said that human potential can be seen in visions. It felt liberating to understand the meaning of spirit, although I never questioned about it earlier. It was explained through the lens of science, likening it to the umbilical cord which goes as follows:
...metaphorically equivalent to an umbilical cord that connects a human mother to her newborn baby. This cord is responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the fetus or baby and removing waste from baby to mother. However, unlike the umbilical cord that is physically detached from the human mother when a baby is born, our spirits are like an invisible cord that is never detached from God. It is this permanent connection with God that provisions and renews the "life" of our being.
Another instance of my liking of the book can be traced back to when I really became humbler and curious as I came to know that
isolation is provoked by pride.
The author Mr. Bruce Francois, pacifies readers by reminding them of the uniqueness of their struggles and makes them feel significant. He instills hope by singing in praise of the scars that one incurs during the period of struggle and that they can be used to benefit others in the future. His words are exemplified in exactly how we benefited from his scars in the form of his book, My Purpose. This is how he utilized his scars for the benefit of mankind. Mr. Bruce shares how he found and continues to find meaning in struggles. He teaches us how to discover our innate, unrealized gifts.

Although I feel people with a scientific background will be able to get the most out of this book, everyone is welcome to explore the book owing to how simple it is textually. To anyone on the lookout for their inner world, this book will definitely give you comfort and meaning. I rate the book 4 out of 4 stars for its detail, remarkable value, simplicity and flawless presentation. There is not a single typo. The ultimate purpose of our lives is fulfillment. We are one. Let us embark on our journey of purpose. Let us live life meaningfully. I hope, I could clarify through this review, how this book can bring relief to you.

My Purpose
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