Review by EvangelineK -- Amulet's Rapture by Linnea Tanner

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Review by EvangelineK -- Amulet's Rapture by Linnea Tanner

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Amulet's Rapture" by Linnea Tanner.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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Amulet’s Rapture by Linnea Tanner

In the mystical kingdom of Brittannia, Princess Catrin, the rightful heir of the Cantacti kingdom is held captive while her evil half brother Murdock murders her family and takes over her kingdom. Murdock believes her to be dead while she hides and tries to rebuild her strength so that she can retake her kingdom and exact justice on Murdock for her fallen loved ones. Catrin married Marcelleous in secret and longs to escape her imprisonment and be reunited with him even though their marriage is not recognized in Rome. Marcelleous was kidnapped and his memory of that time, as well as his marriage to Catrin, have been erased from his mind through a potion so he reverts to his ways of debauchery.

Amulet’s Rapture is the third book in ‘The Curse of the clansmen and kings’ series. Even though it is the third book, Linnea Tanner provides a recap of the previous novels so that you are not completely lost, however, I personally still felt like it could have been done better, this is a novel that kind of leaves you in limbo because you feel like you missed so much and you don’t know if you should try to get the first book and work your way through the series to catch up. What I liked most of the book was that there were attempts to include me in what happened in the previous books without it being completely about what happened in the previous books even though it still felt like I missed a whole lot. This edition of the series mainly focused on Catrin and her relationship drama with Marcelleous and the struggles she faces now that she has been taken prisoner and has to fight through slavery to make a way for her back to Marcelleous, the love of her life.

This book is best suited for mature (as in not suitable for children) readers that have a taste for drama in romance. If you are hopeless romantic that believes everything is supposed to be flowers and chocolates, then I would not recommend this book to you because the likelihood that you would find the events that take place exasperating is high. The book is well-edited, with very few grammatical errors so it will be an easy read for very eloquent people. It contains some description of nudity and sexual acts that are descriptive but can be easily overlooked in my opinion.

What I disliked most about the book was that I couldn’t read it as a stand-alone novel. I didn’t like the fact that I felt there was some big piece of the puzzle that I was missing. I do not know whether or not other readers would enjoy the suspense of walking into a movie that is twenty minutes in but I would prefer that I get the whole story before I decide whose side I am picking and for what reason. I am not even a hundred percent sure whether this book should be considered a historical rather than fantasy because of the magical aspect.

I would rate this book a 2 out of 4 rather than a 1 because it was a nice story, just not nice enough for me to repeat or even look for the other two books. The likelihood that I will forget about it in a few months is high because it feels like the concept has been used before and she is just remixing it with different characters and locations and in my opinion that makes it less memorable and even less enjoyable.

Amulet's Rapture
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