Review by sanjus -- Will of The Hill by Marshall Cobb

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Review by sanjus -- Will of The Hill by Marshall Cobb

Post by sanjus » 21 Oct 2019, 04:12

[Following is a volunteer review of "Will of The Hill" by Marshall Cobb.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Will is the name of a kid who wants to spend all his time just getting lost in reading his favorite comic series book in spite of the resistance from his teachers and his parents. Moreover, he feels that all the other daily chores, including doing his homework, as the worst part of his day. Will of The Hill by Marshall Cobb is one such children’s book that has the story-line that goes on this theme. Though this is a children’s book, it is medium-sized with 1190 locations as viewed on Amazon Kindle, and it is divided into eleven chapters that cover the different stages of the story.

The story is narrated from the third person’s perspective and revolves around Will, a fifth-grade student, who goes to a school that is situated on the top of a steep hill. Will has only one close friend Dillon whose interests match with that of his. Antagonists are present in almost all stories, and the role is played in this story by Intrude, but her actual name is Gertrude. She is always busy poking her nose into the other’s business and becomes a source of anxiety to all. However, there are several turns and twists to the story-line. How Will is going to deal with Intrude, and what will be the climax of the story can only be known by reading the book yourself. One appealing part of the story is the fact that the school bus is powered by rocket engines to overcome the steepness of the hill.

The thing I liked the most in this book is the knowledge about the safety aspects of seat belts and how to maintain one’s hygiene. The book encourages children to keep their hobbies in moderate limits and also concentrate on the other important activities like sports and studies equally. The book discourages name-calling by showing how it hurts the other people.

I do not recommend this book to the people who dislike children’s books and also to those who don’t have children or do not want to get themselves bothered in that aspect of life. This book may not be appealing to the people who may get easily irritated by only imagining about the kids, the ones who do not take care of their hygiene like avoiding brushing teeth daily. I found a few minor grammatical errors in this book, and that is only the thing I disliked in this book.

I recommend this book to children and teenagers because the story is aptly written as per the children’s and the teenager’s likes and dislikes by considering their mindset. This book could also be appealing to adults who have children and love storytelling to them. The readers who want to entertain themselves with an emotionally less intense story would also like this book.

I picked this book for two reasons. The first reason was my nostalgia about my childhood memories, and the second reason was to tell some nice stories to kids. After reading the book, I found that both of my requirements were satisfied. The captivating story with a well-thought character crafting made me think of giving all the four stars in the beginning. After completing the reading, I looked at the other aspects like reading pace and clarity of writing, and then I finally decided to give this book 4 out of 4 stars.

Will of The Hill
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Post by Bles » 11 Nov 2019, 08:13

Your review is really nicely written. Will of The Hill by Marshall Cobb sounds pretty good and I bet my nephew will love to read it.
Books are beautiful.

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Post by Nerea » 11 Nov 2019, 13:50

I read the book and I agree with you that the book highlights
the knowledge about the safety aspects of seat belts and how to maintain one’s hygiene.
There are many other likable aspects of the book that would benefit both children and parents.
Your review is well-crafted. kudos.
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Post by AvidBibliophile » 11 Nov 2019, 17:55

Gertrude seems like such an old-timey name, it's fun to see it used in a modern day children's tale. And it sounds like many of the themes are quite helpfully on point with what many of today's youth are going through as adolescents. Thanks for your thoughtful review!

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Post by Emy Katherine » 12 Nov 2019, 05:18

A captivating story with a well-thought character sounds perfect for fans of children's books. I got my copy months ago, but I haven't read it yet. However, I am glad you enjoyed it despite the grammatical errors! Thank you for the detailed review! :tiphat:

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Post by Prisallen » 12 Nov 2019, 11:33

I think this is a book that children would enjoy. However, it isn't for me. Thank you for a great review!

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Post by tristenb » 18 Nov 2019, 12:15

This sounds like a story with a lot of good lessons to teach. I know calling names isn't nice, but I have to say the nickname Intrude for Gertrude is pretty clever. Thanks for the review!

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Post by SomeoneInTheWorld » 25 Nov 2019, 08:13

Seems like a very nice story that delivers important messages in a way that children can understand. Thank you very much for your beautiful review.

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Post by Sarah Tariq » 28 Nov 2019, 10:26

The theme of the book is quite interesting. The moral aspect of the book makes it a good choice for parents and children alike. I have added the book to my TBR list. Thanks for this awesome review!
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Post by Juliet+1 » 02 Dec 2019, 17:29

I love the idea of the rocket-powered bus. So clever. Thanks for a great review! :D

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