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Latest Review: Beneath the Muscle by Lauren Powers

Review by Gaby+LysMom2KB -- Beneath the Muscle

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Beneath the Muscle" by Lauren Powers.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Because I was never into bodybuilding, I hadn’t heard of Lauren Powers, the author of Beneath the Muscle.  Plus, she grew up in Southern California.  That’s the opposite end of the country from me.  Her loving, supportive family contributed to who she has become.  She has been an unusual, different woman competing in many areas of a man’s world.

Lauren’s mother, Mary Curtis, provided strength, kindness, and discipline.  Her father, David MacDonald, shared his Type A personality.  Harold, her grandfather, was a strong model and raised Lauren to be confident and outgoing.  Leone Culp, her grandmother, provided the foundation for the entire family.

The book’s Part One reveals Lauren’s experiences of highs and lows, trials and tribulations, struggles and joys.  Part Two provides you with instructions that can help to transform your own life.  Lauren strongly recommends that you use her downloadable guide, Inner Champion Workbook.  At the end of every chapter, she provides the website.  Part Three explains the various keys to success.  They include strength, maintaining a positive attitude, trust and integrity.  Part Four shows you how to continue your success.

Through her many jobs, business education, and desire for excellence and helping others, Lauren Powers realizes a simple truth.  Whoever “they” are, we hear them say this common statement.  If you do something you really love, and you help other people enjoy the benefits of what you do, then success will follow.

One inspirational quote that Lauren Powers gave that I could relate to easily was: “People helping people is what life is all about and we need more of it in the world.  Or at least in the world that I am working to help create.”  Her willingness and intention to cause quick success amazed me.  Meeting the right people at the correct time and place also helped.  Many of us could consider Lauren lucky, but that could reveal our insecurity.  She made things happen.  She turned many bad situations into good ones.

I love that fact that Lauren includes a relevant quote at the beginning of each chapter.  For me, it provides inspiration and a reminder of some of my favorite authors.  She has proven many times that positive things can come out of bad experiences.  Because of her champagne and cocaine addiction, she ended up in the Alcoholics Anonymous program.  After completing the program successfully, she resolved to live by their motto every day.  It would be wise for every reader to repeat this phrase every single day. You don’t have to be an alcoholic (past or present) for it to work in your life.  “Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

I agree with many of Lauren’s opinions in her book, Beneath the Muscle.  I would also invite you to follow her suggestions.  Use your common sense.  Question yourself, your beliefs, fears, and reasons.  If you don’t start something new, how are you going to find out if it’s right or not?  She had many beautiful photos taken with sports figures, celebrities, politicians, friends, and family.

Lauren’s writing style was excellent.  The book was professionally edited.  There was only one minor error that did not take away from her story.  If I had to mention anything that I disliked the most, it would be the lack of distinction between book parts.  However, I feel that the chapters flowed smoothly from start to finish.  For these reasons, I would rate this book, Beneath the Muscle: Unleash Your Inner Champion, four out of four stars.  Regardless of career and interests, everyone could enjoy reading this book.  Whatever your goals are, you can accomplish them by reading and following Lauren’s book and guide.

Beneath the Muscle
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