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Latest Review: Jurisdiction Denied by Jack Gold and Marc Debbaudt

Review by originaltnt21 -- Jurisdiction Denied

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[i][Following is a volunteer review of "Jurisdiction Denied" by Jack Gold and Marc Debbaudt.][/i]

[rbc=1]id367113-125[/rbc][I]Jurisdiction Denied[/I] is a story told from a judge’s point of view. The book is the second of a trilogy series about the juvenile system in California. The story is about the thoughts of a judge named Marty Goldstein and cases that comes before him in the juvenile system. There is also a small plot of corruption within the detention hall where juveniles are kept when incarcerated. The plot is not fully played out in the second book and probably continues in the next book of the series.

I do not believe that this book was professional edited. While I found no missed spelled words in the book, the grammar structure was poor. Many incomplete sentences at the beginning and then run on sentences later in the book. There was profanity from the beginning of the book on location 132.

[I]Jurisdiction Denied[/I] was very hard for me to enjoy due to the structure. The book focused a lot on the thoughts of the judge which were scattered and many times sexual when a woman was present. It was hard to really get interested in the book from the beginning because the first three chapters were only of the judges scattered thoughts. The fourth chapter out of the blue introduced a new character and then was not mentioned again till the tenth chapter. I did not even have a clue about a plot in the book until I was half way through the book. Every time I thought the book was finally headed in one direction, it would switch.

The structure of the story plot is scattered in between some court cases, unrelated crimes and random thoughts of the main character. I believe the main plot is about the Koran drug cartel and the judge and his friend Nick bringing down there ring. If there had been more of a focus on the main plot it might have intrigued me more, as it was, I just had a hard time wanting to finish it.

In the book it also brought out valid points about the justice system become inefficient due to legislation passed by law makers. Although true and valid the authors spent too much time on these points and not enough on the crime fighting that was the bases of the book.

When I chose this book, I did not realize it was a second book in a series. I would have not picked it had I known, just for the fact I would have not known the back story. Many times, in series the back story can help understand the story better. In the case of this book I do not believe it would have help me understand or enjoy the book. In the second book enough was told about the first for me to understand the main plot of it. I was not lost but frustrated and bored.

I would give this book [b]1 out of 4 [/b] stars due to the structure of the book. I would not recommend the book to read.

[i]Jurisdiction Denied [/i]
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