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Latest Review: The Queen of Xana by Fred Pilcher

Review by jasmine-louise -- The Queen of Xana

Post by jasmine-louise » 30 Aug 2019, 02:05

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Queen of Xana" by Fred Pilcher.]
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The Queen of Xana is a fictional novel by Fred Pilcher. This book although being a work of fiction is written as though it is history, I really love this, I think it is a very creative way to write. The book is about a land called Xana and follows Queen Agatha as she navigates the political, social and economic life of Xana and its people.

The book begins by detailing Queen Agatha’s birth and upbringing. She was born to Queen Julie a few months after her father had been killed. A fairy godmother appears after her birth and gives a gift to baby Agatha; that she may be the most powerful and successful monarch. As Agatha grows she is seen to be kind and compassionate to the poor people of Xana and works to help improve their lives. Queen Julie, however; opposed her daughters’ ideas of spreading the wealth in favor of the upper class of society staying wealthy.

On Agatha’s twentieth birthday her mother is killed by the powerful Magi who then starts destroying Xana and its people. Agatha has to now take her place as Queen of Xana. She destroys the Magi and then starts her political campaign to make Xana a place for all, spreading wealth and education through the land.

I quite enjoyed this book; it was not what I expected it to be. I love books where it is about Royalty. This is probably because the little child in me believes I am a princess…

Pilcher wrote this book in such a creative way by adding in his own commentary, this is done to explain something that may have just taken place or if there is a gap in the information he uses this to fill in the reader. Through these commentaries and Pilcher’s overall writing style he really showed the reader what it was like to live in Xana, whether as a commoner, aristocrat or royalty.

His character development was well written, from a minor character to the Queen herself. We as the reader get a good understanding into each of his characters. This really makes me happy; I love when authors take the time to flesh out all their characters especially the minor ones. They just get lost and make no sense otherwise.

The Queen of Xana mainly focuses on the politics of running a country such as where money should be allocated, how to deal with trade etc. This may sound boring but the way it is woven into the story makes it enjoyable. Pilcher has really created this world where men and women, children and adults are seen to be equal and just as valuable as each other.

The book has a few sex scenes which are a bit graphic, but they really do not take away from the overall meaning of the book. In fact they really just help you understand the lives of the Xana people better in what they value and how they feel about the body and sex as a whole. The sex scenes are short and are not too cringy.

Overall I would say this book is worth the read, especially if you are into politics. The strong female leadership and the quality of the sexes really got me. As a woman there is nothing better than a strong female lead. The editing in the book is also done well I found hardly any errors. As there are some graphic scenes I recommend it to an adult audience. I rate this book a 4 out of 4 stars.

The Queen of Xana
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