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Latest Review: Killing Abel by Michael Tieman

Review by Michael40 -- Killing Abel by Michael Tieman

Post by Michael40 »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Killing Abel" by Michael Tieman.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Striving to think in the positive, rational and critical sense of the word helps a man navigate his right path in life. However, it is better not to think at all than to be ignorantly impious. To avoid being misguided while you think is what Killing Abel; a book written by (i)Michael Tieman is all about.(/i)The book encompasses the author’s deepest and utmost feelings. It reveals the infinite mercy y of God: when God rebukes or punishes or allows calamities it’s always a blessing in disguise. This is what Adam and Eve discovered when they were expelled from the Garden of Eden, living a life of struggles, pains, etc. They discovered that God only used the punishment to bless them in disguise. This discovery helps them understand better and deeper how gullible they had been. They invariably realized they were just evil. Guilt soon overcame them but soon stumbled on what to do to overcome it. Adam soon realized the meaning of God’s kindness to them when He killed a ewe, the tenth creatures that God had Adam name. He soon discovered that the act teaches sacrifice; a way to overcome guilt. He discovered that someone innocent would have to pay for their debt of sin somehow. He went ahead to build an altar and began to sacrifice to God. He teaches his children to follow suit but not all his children did that with faith and love. Cain the first son was always indifferent. But Abel was ever faithful. They made their choices and that soon gave birth to two generations of people through out the whole earth for ever. Cain represents hostility, pride and unrepentant attitude while Abel represents repentance, faith and love. He repented of sin of indulgence. He was supportive of his brother who wouldn’t obey his father to sacrifice to God unless he was indulged by Abel. The sacrifice is the reason he was wrested from the wandering spirit when he was killed by Cain becoming the first spirit to be procreated. Although he is no longer in flesh, he became the first spirit to be procreated because of the sacrifice.

Lucifer insinuated himself into the house of Adam because Adam and Eve didn’t use their fee will well. While Adam’s whereabouts was unknown, Lucifer went after Eve and conquered her resistance. He only had to trick Eve into perceiving God’s restriction to the tree of knowledge as unnecessary. He challenged her trust and obedience and she responded badly. When Adam came around, he was tricked too.

As time went by, Adam and Eve had their first male child. Cain was born on the thirteenth day of a certain month. Thirteen is an unlucky number. It was a day rebellion took place in the Garden of Eden. It is not a number that represents faith. When Adam and eve were desperately in want of a male child, they cried to God and God answered them by giving them a recipe. God said to Eve, when you are cleaned wait for a clear fourteen days and after then you can go ahead and copulate so that you Cain a son but Eve did not do just that and she once again dragged her husband into it. Cain’s coming to mother earth was arranged on the thirteenth day, the day of rebellion. Basically, he was not a product of faith. This is how flawed Cain’s foundation is. Abel’s was just the opposite and this explains why Cain was always after Abel’s life. He eventually killed Abel. But Eva the first child of Adam who got married to Abel shortly before his demise swore a revenge. She went after Cain to avenge her late husband but ended up in Cain’s arms now bearing his children in dilemma.

One thing this book reminds me of is choice. Another is the mercy and blessing of God. When He punishes it is blessing in disguise. There is much to learn about repentance, from the book. It is a piece that teaches love and relationship management. A father needs to love to his children, a husband needs to treat good his wife and love among brothers should be based on faith and love rather than law. Ultimately, the sacrifice that He wants is that one that is based on faith and love.

The excitement in this fiction is unusual. The author unusually sustains tension and suspense and it makes the delivery full of life, spirit and inspiration. Although it is a fictionalized account of the history of creation and the rebellion and judgment as it is detailed in the bible specifically in the book of Genesis, it is an imagination or a creativity that is delivered with Olympian detachment. The one or two typos and omissions will not stop me from rating this book (b)3 out of 4.

Killing Abel
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Post by kdstrack »

I enjoyed the spiritual insights that you included along with the summary of the book. It looks like the author did quite a bit of embellishing to round out the story. This looks like an interesting take on a well-known story. Thanks for the fascinating review!

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Post by InStoree »

Your opening line caught my attention immediately. The story of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel are well known by many of us, and this author seems to bring a new, creative vision of the Genesis version. Informative review! Thank you.
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Post by Miks_solon »

Though it's a biblical fiction, I have learned some of the beggining events and the Genesis's aftermath. I was reluctant to read it, but out of curiosity I finished the book. I rated it 3/4 stars, it would've been perfect if bot because of the editing. It is appropriately organized, you'd be enthralled reading it.
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Post by teacherjh »

I like books that expand on the Bible with new insights.

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Post by UzmaKhan »

An interesting read indeed. But I may skip it because of the religious element.

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Post by Kenesha L Fowler »

I've already got this one on my Want To Read shelf and looking to forward to reading it soon. I'm encouraged by your insightful review. Thank you.
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Post by Dee_Robert »

UzmaKhan wrote: ↑
28 May 2020, 03:57
An interesting read indeed. But I may skip it because of the religious element.
Hey UzmaKhan, Nice pic, I almost didn't recognise you.

Nice Review. The authors perspective is new and astounding.
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Post by Prince Chime »

I did enjoy reading this book on first ten. I loved the way the author added more insight to Bible stories.
Great review
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Post by Elvis Best »

I'm currently reading this book and I enjoyed your review. Can't wait to finish the book myself.
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Post by Rubbi »

The book hosts a good deal of Biblical insights and uplifting content. I think it is a book that every christian reader should consider having on their shelves.

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Post by Kanda_theGreat »

I read this book a while back, and it's resourcefulness especially in filling some missing gaps in the Bible is worth noting. Thank you for the review.

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