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Latest Review: Killing Abel by Michael Tieman

Review by 56lives -- Killing Abel by Michael Tieman

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Killing Abel" by Michael Tieman.]
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Killing Abel, a book by Michael Tieman, is a story of creation by God. It is also a story of exploration, invention and division of humanity into two camps, one industrious but hostile to God and the other one, God centered.

It all started in the Garden of Eden when, after God had created everything, He crowned His creation with the man Adam. Realizing that Adam was all alone, God went on to create the woman, Eve. He then placed them in the Garden of Eden and gave them specific instructions to eat fruit from any tree, except from the one in the center of the garden, the tree of knowledge. Once they eat from that tree they would die.

Lucifer, an angel, took on the form of a snake and tricked Eve to pluck a fruit from the forbidden tree and eat, telling her that she would not die but will have knowledge and be like God. This happened in the absence of Adam and the woman obeyed Lucifer and ate the fruit. She took some and gave it to her husband and from then hell broke loose. They all realized they were naked and God being a loving Father, provided clothes for them. But He cursed each of them, including the snake, and chased them from the garden. When on their own, they started exploring things and each other, the result of which was production of children, starting with twelve girls then twelve boys, Cain and Abel being the first and second born boys. With them came the real knowledge of good and evil, which culminated into Cain killing his brother Abel due to jealousy and unbridled anger. A series of events led to the creation of two peoples, one God centered, led by Adam, and the other one hostile to God, led by Cain. This hostility became so widespread that God finally decided to end all life on earth, through the deluge that took place during Noah’s time. It covered the whole earth, by then one land mass called Pangea, completely destroying every living thing except Noah with his family and some selected animals.

When we read the fourth chapter of the book of Genesis, the Bible says that Cain, the first son of Adam and Eve, killed his brother Abel then fled to another area. There he got married and had children. Now, Adam and Eve were the first couple on earth and Cain was their son, where did Cain’s wife come from? This was the question I had until I read Michael Tieman's book.

The story in the book is based on Genesis chapters 1 to 7 of the Bible thus from creation of the earth to the flood. In the book, the author describes human ingenuity at its best. He describes systems of running organized communities such the legal systems, worship and trade. All these were first experimented then perfected as life advanced. The author details the invention of hand tools man used in his day to day activities, first from trees then crude stones then finally smelting of iron and steel and molding them into tools.

When Cain fled his father’s land and married his sister along the way, they established a city named after his son Enoch, which was the birth place of industrial revolution, where great inventions started. This is where Lamech, a descendant of Cain, established some kind of kingdom where people doing any kind of trade paid taxes to him. The City of Enoch, as it was called, was also the first place where multiplication of humans was done, when women were forced to have children from giant and powerful beings. These giants were initially a product of an angelic being assigned to protect Cain from retribution, and Eva, his wife. They used the giants as human machines as well as to establish the first private armies.

This book may be partly the work of fiction but to me, it is an inspired book that fills in missing parts of the creation puzzle. The creativity and imagination of the author of this book cleverly answers some questions some people, like myself, had about the first people on earth and the formation of the continents which are separated by vast bodies of water. The story flows in a manner so impeccable that once you start reading it you do not want to stop until you finish the book. The book is well laid out and excellently edited save for a few punctuation mark and typographical issues. These simple errors do not, in any way, dent the author’s work. So I rate this book 4 out 4 of stars.

This book is for those curious readers who would like to know the amplified version of the story of creation in the Bible. They will enjoy reading it. Fiction lovers can also enjoy it even those who do not believe in the living God.

Killing Abel
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