Review by Eli_H -- Two Months and Three Days

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Latest Review: Two Months and Three Days by Tatiana Vedenska

Review by Eli_H -- Two Months and Three Days

Post by Eli_H » 12 Jun 2019, 07:50

[Following is a volunteer review of "Two Months and Three Days" by Tatiana Vedenska.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Two Months and Three Days by Tatiana Vedenska is a wonderfully crafted story about human emotion. Mainly love and happiness and what people perceive those to be. Maxim Korshun is a rich, famous, egocentric photographer who forms an obsession for the gentle Arina, a college student, and in-training veterinarian. Instantly taken with him, Arina signs a contract with Maxim, entailing that she will be his for the summer, and has to do anything he wants her to. From traveling from Russia to Germany to England and back, insane photoshoots and parties, to the corruption of her innocence, Maxim just becomes more and more obsessed and cruel with poor, naive Arina. Happiness is a ruse to Maxim and pleasure and pain are the only love he knows, his ideology only pushes him to possibly destroy his only chance of having real happiness and love with Arina.

Vedenska did an excellent job at creating well rounded main characters in a thrilling plot. Depth is given to the characters by alluding to their pasts and with stories of their childhoods. Vedenska emphasizes the bad side of many of the characters in the story while leaving Arina as extremely naive and innocent. In the beginning, this seems slightly awkward, but as you read on this works brilliantly in the stories favor. Intentionally or not, this part of the story and others sends a message of how cruel the world is and how many know this fact and ignore it or are blissfully ignorant.

I like how Maxim and Arina’s character stays consistent throughout the story. Arina does not change from innocent and naive to a skillful seductress, and Maxim does not change from selfish and immoral to a romantic hero. I also like how there is an obvious contrast between the two main characters, one having many innocent characteristics and the other having a sinful personality. Arina is almost childish in her view of the world and Maxim is antagonistic to society and people. I like how the two almost compliment the other with their personalities.

I especially like how the story is thought-provoking when it doesn’t try to be. I do not know if this is done on purpose or not, but you can see into the human psyche from the things that Maxim does and the places and people he introduces Arina to. You can see some of the worst of the world with what Maxim puts Arina through. I also love how Maxim’s character almost seems like he is trying to provoke and hurt people with his artwork. You can almost admire him for his work of showing others the wrongness in the world. Not because he expects them to change it, but almost like he wants to punish them by showing them what they do not want to see or deal with. I love how Arina, though innocent and naive, is very smart and optimistic. I love Maxim's character as well, he seems like a terrible monster, but in his own way, he tries to be good and human.

There was not anything that I particularly disliked about the book, however, there were some things I saw as little flaws. In the beginning, the story seems to speed up and slow down. The character’s names are used too often, especially in the first chapter, I think the sentences would have flowed a lot easier if more pronouns were used. Some sentences seem choppy and don’t flow into the next. The story does stabilize and stay consistent in flow once the main characters meet. This made it seem as if Vedenska was trying to speed past the introduction and get right to the juicy parts of the story. However, none of these take away from the story and can easily be ignored.

All in all, I absolutely enjoyed Tatiana Vedenska’s Two Months and Three Days. I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. Although there were errors, they did not ruin the story, so I did not see the point of giving 3 stars for little nitpicks. It was well written, very few errors in grammar and spelling. The characters are very real and human. Other than the beginning, the plot is very steady and concise. I would say those who like to read books from genres like romance, erotica, or drama would enjoy this book as well.

Two Months and Three Days
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