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sri varshini303041
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Latest Review: Purgatory's Angel by B Hughes-Millman

Review by sri varshini303041 -- Purgatory's Angel

Post by sri varshini303041 » 20 May 2019, 01:39

[Following is a volunteer review of "Purgatory's Angel" by B Hughes-Millman.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Jaime is a dark angel, sent to earth to hunt demons. Demons hunt innocent people in dreams. Jaime infiltrates their dreams and defends them. She has lost all of her family to demons and has no one to confide in. She works in a bank at day time and goes about her way until unexplainable shadow creatures attack her in her dreams. She meets Collin after the attack and instantly starts suspecting him. But, she also feels attracted to him.

As her struggle in her fights with demons gives her life-threatening injuries, she confides in her doctor, Rick. The shadows get stronger, and the pattern starts making sense to her. She realizes that she has experienced a previous encounter with the shadows on a terrible day. Gradually the plot delivers that Jaime is part of a grand scheme and she has innumerable enemies against her. She also realizes that no one around her is trustworthy. Jaime must choose sides, and her choice will affect the balance of the world. Can Jaime move on from her past? Can Jaime find the one for her? Will Jaime be able to conquer her enemies? Will she realize the dangers around her? In the inevitable battle of good vs evil, what is Jamie’s stand?

I loved the character of Jaime. She was strong-willed and intuitive. Her character was effectively written and justified. She acted mature and cool in times of danger. The characterization of Jaime was realistic. I could not stop reading this book once I got into it. I found myself reading until late in the night and had to force myself away from it. There is always something new happening, something unfamiliar to absorb and wonder about.

Additionally, I appreciate the way in which the mystery unfolds throughout the story. The author makes good use of foreshadowing to maintain the suspense, and the occasional flashbacks help to develop the characters and the plot. For instance, the readers learn about the wrist scars when she explains it to Collins. This provides the readers with a chance to identify the rogue. Another thing I appreciate about this book is the extensive account of the places and the incidents. They are more detailed than the characters. For instance, the mention of Sarah’s cologne is neat. This makes the readers very involved and familiar with the plot.

I didn’t particularly like how the love triangle went. I liked her meeting two men and getting feelings for both. But, she kissed and made out with one guy in front of the other, and I didn’t like it. I usually like a little romantic mix-up, but this appalled me. Moreover, I didn’t like the characterization of Collin and Rogue. I understand it’s supposed to be confusing but their behaviour was unpredictable and lacks conviction. These two characters are extremely important for the flow of the book so, it’s vital for them to be realistic and understandable. I don’t comprehend how Collin could not recognize Jaime right away. The concept of preexistence was a little confusing for me. But, since this is the first part, I am sure there is more explanation in the sequel.

The book is perfectly paced for a paranormal romance. It wasn't so slow that I lost interest, and it wasn't so fast that the story was over before it began. This book contains strong language, sexual content, mentions of rape, torture, and other mature themes. It is because of this that I recommend this book to mature readers that can handle these sensitive subjects. The book seems to be professionally edited. I rate Purgatory's Angel by B Hughes-Millman 3 out of 4 stars. I recommend this book to fans of fallen angel stories, paranormal romance, and strong female characters. Also, fans of Hush Hush series, Fallen series, Infernal Devices series, Halo series, and Unearthly series .

Purgatory's Angel
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Post by Sushan » 24 Jun 2019, 18:51

Nice review. Paranormal fantasies are one of my favourites, and this one seems quite interesting. Thank you 👍👍
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Post by Nisha Ward » 25 Jun 2019, 09:20

This sounds like a standard paranormal romance but that's not a bad thing. Rather, I can see where that format would leave room for the kind of twists you described and the structure that allows the reader to take part as well. Thanks for the review!
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