Review by CharlizeGwapa -- Randy your service

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Review by CharlizeGwapa -- Randy your service

Post by CharlizeGwapa » 05 May 2019, 12:21

[Following is a volunteer review of "Randy your service" by Shay Carter.]
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1 out of 4 stars
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Everything doesn’t always go according to plan. In Randy Love at your Service, Shay Carter tells a story of a handsome and young fella named Randy.

John and Marjorie Love, Randy’s parents were already happy with one daughter and one son. So, they decided to not have a third baby, however, life came with many surprises. Marjorie got pregnant, John was very happy although they didn’t expect the baby to come so soon. Life didn’t stop to surprise the couple, they were both excited and expected a baby girl, but, they got a boy instead. With total amazement, the couple raised the child with all of their love. Soon, the baby grew into a charming lad. In fact, many, if not all girls found him really attractive. For instance, Shelley, whose very willing to accept Randy’s services and constantly made efforts for him.

In his young and free life, Randy continued to look for opportunities and challenges in his life. Using his looks to advance in his career, but, as the saying goes, “nobody is perfect,” Randy’s has his own flaw. His physique might seem flawless, however, his attitude was a complete opposition. He had developed hyperactivity disorder and a really irritating character. Will he finally found the love of his life? Will he cease his endless affairs with different women? Will someone accept him totally and make a life together?

The romantic will surely fall in love with this book, I can picture out the story the author wanted to preach on her readers. I liked the idea that she had in mind although she haven’t perfectly told it in this book. There were a lot of errors, frankly. I have been constantly bothered by the way the story was narrated because she used many adjectives which were inappropriate. Perhaps, those words came from a synonym search on a dictionary. I was also looking for real conflict in the story, unfortunately I didn’t found one. I was hoping to find even a single situation that turned things around and made Randy realize something. And, that something, hopefully will change him forever. For instance, he met a kind lady who showed love for him, so, he did all his best to please the lady. He did everything he could to alter his annoying and rude self. Maybe, cut off his promiscuity or anything that is good. The dialogues as well were sometimes boring and very long in text.

I found it hard to recommend the book to anyone since there were a lot of errors. True, the book could be beneficial to romantic readers out there, but, maybe later after the author and her editor/s have done polishing the book. Because of the errors I found, I rate the book 1 out of 4 stars. I think that the author has the idea, she was, maybe rushing herself while writing the book.

Randy your service
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