Review by DogoMulla -- The Sins of a Master Race

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Review by DogoMulla -- The Sins of a Master Race

Post by DogoMulla » 04 May 2019, 06:23

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Sins of a Master Race" by Matthew Tysz.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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The Sins of a Master Race is a sci-fi/fantasy book by Matthew Tysz. It is the third book of “The Turn” series. The plot is set in the post-turn period. The King of May was slain. He was quite the troublesome kind. Cattleprod was the one accredited with this favor to the survivors of the turn. Others, though, feel he would not have defeated the god of sunlight without Scholar’s help. The fact is, both of these two powerful gentlemen are burgeoning. One with his empire; the other with ‘The White Death’.

There’s a new chaotic god in town. The god of Heaven and Hell. He’s an old man with a shapely face. Apparently, some places were hidden – or secret. Two examples include Anima Mea and Rampart. These two look up to this god for guidance and protection. He goes by the name Hannibal Marat.

There are also two new god-like cousins in town. Aurora and Maron Defury. They are well known as arch-demons. This is due to the fact that they are successfully doing away with the post-turn gods. However, Marat is proving a hard god to kill. They turn to Ashley and Scholar, the famous slayers of Oak, for help. This means famous pair might have to turn against some of Cattleprod’s new ‘subjects’. They might have to risk their lives and those of their assassins. Will Scholar make the call? If he does, will they succeed? Will they do it alone?

I have to give Matthew props for getting better with time. There are new characters and plots all over the place. The book gets more mysterious and unpredictable. The thing I liked the most was the pairing of loyal friends. There was Ashley and Scholar, the Defury cousins and Hank and Mark. These relationships go beyond just friendship. The best pair was obviously Ashley and Scholar. Two individuals of very different characters and upbringing, yet, somehow inseparable. Ella Hale was even convinced they were lovers.

I rate this one 2 out of 4 stars. I took out one star because of errors. I found more than ten. An example is on page 19: “To kill a dear, sir.” Matthew meant deer. According to general standards, the book is well-edited. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it is not professionally edited. Therefore, it needs extra editing. The other star was dropped because of something I disliked about the book; it is slow-paced. The Sins of a Master Race is dull. They only fairly interesting part is somewhere near the - the battle. If you like fast-paced stories, I wouldn’t recommend this one. The characterization is off. Captain Swozzy and Dr. Mallory – just to name a few – are significant characters who don’t develop. The conversations are terrible. Even in another world, the verbal exchanges among the characters wouldn’t be captivating.

I would still recommend this book to lovers of sci-fi/fantasy. People who always wonder what will happen when ‘the world ends’ might enjoy this one. Matthew is satirical and mystical. He doesn’t follow the conventional end-time theories known to man; he hypothesizes his own. I wouldn’t recommend it to kids and those who hate violence and vulgar language.

The Sins of a Master Race
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Post by Uinto » 16 May 2019, 08:35

Not much of a fan of sci-fi tales, but thanks for the thorough review.

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Post by Espie » 16 May 2019, 16:31

I am the genre's fan, and yet I understand your point of view. Thank you for your honest review.
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Post by Bluebird03 » 18 May 2019, 22:36

Between the slower pace and the errors, I don't think that I would enjoy this one. Thank you for a very informative and insightful review! :)

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Post by Nisha Ward » 18 May 2019, 22:48

There's always a danger of the pacing falling off in sequels, but the continued journey of these characters sounds interesting enough that I might just pick it up anyway.
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Post by Ellylion » 19 May 2019, 13:43

This series is definitely for fans of the genre. I reviewed The Turn and also had an impression that the book wasn't professionally edited, those mistakes were distracting. But I still loved the mythological part and Cattleprod's character :) Thanks for a great review!

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Post by Maelo1 » 31 May 2019, 10:08

I reviewed the second sequel The King of May. It was an enticing read I have been longing for this book. Quite a disappointment but all in all I,ll still give it chance.Thank you for you honest review.
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