Review by Im_hart -- The Turn by Matthew Tysz

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Latest Review: The Turn by Matthew Tysz

Review by Im_hart -- The Turn by Matthew Tysz

Post by Im_hart » 03 May 2019, 14:58

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Turn" by Matthew Tysz.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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The Turn by Matthew Tysz is a book you would definitely love to read if you enjoy post-apocalyptic movies and books. This is not a book about the aftermath of an alien invasion or the spread of a deadly virus, though if you are looking for that, you won’t be entirely disappointed as it entails more.

Matthew Tysz, in The Turn, describes a thriving world after a devastating event termed 'the turn' by those who survived. It was characterized by events that took part over a period of time and left most of the world dead, while those who were spared ended up insane, disturbed or just different from their normal selves. In this new world, people were mainly known by titles rather than real names and this brought a little confusion of who I was reading about.

Scholar, a character, who supposedly slept through the turn in his basement, wakes up to find the world has taken a different look. Though asked, the question of what brought about the turn and what happened was refused to be addressed by people. In his quest to find answers and achieve his goals, he teams up with Ashley, a really good looking man who seemed to share the same goals as him and is quite aware of his good looks. And together they navigate through the post-turn world.

Cattle-prod, another interesting character, who was a school teacher in the pre-turn world is now a well-known human-trafficker, on a quest to conquer more and gain greater authority.

The Turn mainly examines the different mindset and characters of people in certain situations. 'The turn' separated people into different groups. There were those who wanted to uphold their good morals and those who dived straight into human-trafficking and let the evil side of their minds play out. I disliked the fact that the book was centered mainly on the evaluation of different characters but knowing that it is the first in the series makes up for that flaw.

The Turn takes a dark, gloomy and twisted look at the new life. The story was told from several characters' perspective that seemed random and confusing at first, but they later connected to form the storyline. I rate this book a 2 out of 4 stars because the story seemed slow from the beginning and almost made me drop it, but the anticipation to see how they survive kept me going till the end. It has a lot of slow and confusing parts, so I would not recommend it for new readers looking for a lot of action.

The Turn
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