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Review by Vtonionline -- Adrift by Charlie Sheldon

Posted: 26 Apr 2019, 21:17
by Vtonionline
[Following is a volunteer review of "Adrift" by Charlie Sheldon.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Adrift by Charlie Sheldon illustrates how the abandonment of a perilous ship at sea, affected the lives of several people. It sheds light on the travails of the Captain, the crew, including some of the sailors who were eventually shipwrecked as well as other individuals indirectly affected by the mishap.

It also takes the reader through grief and other emotions experienced by the relatives of the crew members who were lost at sea. It exposed the degree of bad blood that exists between salvage companies or tugs, especially during attempts to recover abandoned ships. It hints at the fact that the fire which triggered the whole episode, was an act of sabotage. The book did not, however, reveal details of the actual act of sabotage and its sponsors.

The story is told from the angle of several of the characters and adopts both the first and third-person perspectives. This unique writing style exposes readers to the thoughts and emotions of some characters while leaving the reader to imagine those of other characters. The story is deftly told as the reader is made to live in the moment along with the characters. The jargon of seamen is also used in a very explicit manner and this makes for smooth reading.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it as I was ensnared in an emotional journey from start to finish. My best and least favourite parts of the story, incidentally relate to death. The death of Larry was the part I liked the least, as it was so sudden and casually told. There was no drama to it and it hinted at how some of the worst events in life are actually uneventful. The tail end of the story is what I like most about the book. In order not to spoil it for readers, I'll just say instead that I like the twist about William’s fate at that point.

I recommend Adrift by Charlie Sheldon to every lover of fiction because it is thrilling, gripping and emotional. It fuses elements of crime, betrayal, rivalry, bereavement, loss, hope and a whole lot more, into the story quite well. I found it entertaining and believe that ardent readers of any age would enjoy reading this book. Children are the only set of individuals that I will not recommend it to. But, this is only because they may be unable to handle the volume of words it contains.

I rate the book four out of four stars because it was an absolute delight to read and a page-turner. If any errors were contained in this book, I completely missed them. The plot and perspectives were so enchanting that I could not find anything out of place or the editing was expertly done. (I can't figure out which is the case). I look forward to the sequel and to reading more from Charlie Sheldon.

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