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Review by Ekta+ -- 30th Century: Escape (General Audienc...

Post by Ekta Swarnkar » 25 Apr 2019, 03:32

[Following is a volunteer review of "30th Century: Escape (General Audience Edition)" by Mark Kingston Levin PhD.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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I am delightfully astounded by 30th Century: Escape written by Dr. Mark Kingston Levin. The writer owns a PhD completed in two and a half years. Since childhood he was interested in writing poetry and now is emerging as a writer with the first book of 30th Century Trilogy. It is quite evident that the writer has great knowledge in the field of science, he weaved an amazing science fiction with the view to century gaps. It is completely understood that the writer is thrilled by adventures and the main character of the story is potrayed very much like him. The book is informative and descriptive as well. It will be perfectly fine to give the story time, it may give us a glimpse of the future.

It is a fascinating story of a 30th century scientist and an undercover agent Jennifer Heros, whose prospective of viewing life changes when she travels to 21st century and pursues a different life. Being the theme science fiction, it is shown the story revolves around facts but it is also a master combination of love, twists, suspense, action and adventure. The story focuses on how Jennifer survived in a bare island, her rescue, how she hid her identity, how she learned things, her love and her guilt. Previously she followed a dull life devoted to a single mission of conserving human morals while in 21st century, she accepted her life as an adventure. She understood that acceptance is the key to happiness. In her journey she met people, she helped people, she took help from people, she made friends and finally she made family. I liked the writer making efforts on how Jennifer hid her identity and the covering story of a family with a missing daughter most certainly like her. Jennifer loved adventure, exploration, she loved to gain new knowledge and she excelled an exceptional behavior in difficult situation. She completed her PhD in physics, wrote a book relating her previous life and also proved a good hand in the field of archaeology. In some turns she was scared of rejection, she faced depression but she realized that her inner strength kept her going.

Although a guilt of abandoning her mission, Kylie her best friend and another scientists took over her, but she convinced herself by believing she did whatever the best she could do. She compared things with her previous life, what I liked is she came out with different point of views. She loved her rescuer Marty, a professor and a father of five kids. During their relationship she realized that she is affectionate towards both male as well as female and she confessed to Marty. They both accepted each other with their flaws and got married happily. I liked the writer putting details in the secret of her similarities with the missing girl. Jennifer finds a way to rescue her friends stucked in another century, she devised a plan and saved them with proper help. Saving her friends helped her come over guilt and indulged satisfaction in her. She started admiring her new life, she started loving herself. It is wonderfully shown the change in Jennifer from beginning to end.

I loved the concept of the book, the way of presentation of overall personality of a girl sets an example in self-empowerment. Her eagerness to learn about new things, her curiosity towards adventure, her acceptance to face whatever is coming made her a good suit to heroine. I also liked the way writer described islands, he showed a great interest in escapades. The book justifies its title completely. I have read many science fiction but this one simply grabbed my attention. I found myself in the thirst for knowing story further. The readers who are in urge to explore places will surely love this book. It includes the detailed description of adventure tours of Jennifer and group which may excite the readers to try a hand in adventure activities.

According to me the book was well edited, although I feel that a short vocabulary section at the end of the chapter should have been added for the words in different language it would have helped in a convinced understanding, yet it does not affects the quality of book. The book is justice to the readers. As the writer's first work, I found the book a great start to his career. I think the writer will develop quite a popularity. I count me one of his supporters.

I award the glooming qualities of the book 30th century: Escape, 4 out of 4 stars also to the efforts to the writer. The story was fantastic. The theme was satisfied. I count the book a worth reading and a complete knowledge source.

30th Century: Escape (General Audience Edition)
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