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Latest Review: Happy Healing by Dominique Bourlet

Review by daydreaming reader -- Happy Healing

Post by daydreaming reader » 09 Mar 2019, 14:08

[Following is a volunteer review of "Happy Healing" by Dominique Bourlet.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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Happy Healing: 8 Magical Steps to Relive Physical Pain and Discomfort is written by Dominque Bourlet, who also published the book in 2016. It consists of 182 pages, making it a quick read.

The book focuses on relieving pain by altering the emotional reaction to the pain. The author, Dominque Bourlet, has worked on the 'Happy Healing' emotional method for several years. The intent was to use this method to complement other alternative approaches.

This book caught my attention because of the use of natural healing techniques. I have benefited from several natural healing techniques in the past, and I am willing to learn more. Furthermore, there are elements in this book that I understood through the perspective of self-love. Much of the information presented in the book appears to stem from the development and practice of self-love, even during the difficult times of pain, as opposed to the more common reaction of frustration and anger.

Despite this, the style of writing did not appeal to me as I found the presentation of the information was not convincing. The author wrote the book in a conversational, journal-like style. It is similar to reading the notes of someone who observed something of interest. In the section entitled ‘Notes’, the author lists less than ten documents, and I am under the assumption that there are the references. While I do applaud this, it was not very convincing to me. I simply felt as though I was reading observations, as opposed to vigorously researched information presented in a way to generate interest or persuade the reader.

The author threw me off track when he mentioned naming the body in pain. However, in further processing this, I could understand how this suggestion is helpful from a psychological perspective. I do not think the book clearly explained the need for this. Therefore, from a reader’s perspective, this is a turn off. If I were not open to learning about alternative therapy, I would have greatly discounted the information presented. The book stated that the 'Happy Healing' method does not focus on the cause of the pain, but, for effective communication of an alternative therapy method, it is necessary to ensure the average reader understands and does not discount the information provided.

Regardless, the author writes concisely and provides good direction in adopting the method. This therefore allows readers to follow the information in a coherent manner. Therefore, in this light, it is an easy guide to follow.

Due to this book’s focus on homeopathic healing, I will not recommend this book to persons who are not open to alternative medicinal practices. Furthermore, I would recommend this book to those who are willing to undertake further research before adopting any single practice unreservedly. Certain approaches may work for some, but not for others.

Overall, I would rate Happy Healing by Dominque Bourlet 2 out of 4 stars . On one hand, I genuinely find that natural healing is appealing, however the manner in which the information is presented, as well as the lack of sufficient references is unappealing to me. As I mentioned before, further research is necessary for those who wish to utilize the practices in this book.

Happy Healing
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