Review by Onyinye Excel -- Heartaches 3 by H.M. Irwing

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Onyinye Excel
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Review by Onyinye Excel -- Heartaches 3 by H.M. Irwing

Post by Onyinye Excel » 10 Oct 2018, 09:30

[Following is a volunteer review of "Heartaches 3" by H.M. Irwing.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The word ‘heartaches’ most times refers to matters of the heart. The pains one suffers as a result of one emotional trauma or the other. H.M. Irwing’s book, Heartaches 3 – Bad Boy Vibes is the last in the series of a romance story about Rafe and Anna. It has several plots, including that of a drug cartel and a gay couple. Rafe and Anna have been through so much in the past. Rafe tries to help her confront her fears and move forward. Eric Dayton and Peter Preston, members of the drug cartel are the antagonists in the story. Ned Slater feels Eric had a hand in his brother’s death, and wants revenge.

This story is an emotional thriller. The erotic sexual scenes in this book are well described and the characters are entertaining. The author provides enough information on the background of the characters. His language is easy to understand and detailed enough. Though too much emphasis was laid on their heartaches, the author also exposes the vulnerabilities of the characters. The ability of the author to also shed light on gay romance was commendable. I learnt so much from this book.

I didn’t appreciate the use of BDSM in the story. This was what I liked the least in the story. I understand that it was for a good motive, but it was nauseating. What I like most about the book was the gay romance in the book. This was my first time of reading a romance novel that contains gay romance and sincerely I was not disappointed. The ability of the author to reflect this in his story was quite hilarious and entertaining.

There were some missing characters at the end, and I wondered why they were left out. Characters like Suzie and her boyfriend are such examples. Though I didn’t read the first series, I could easily follow the story once I started reading it. This was quite commendable on the part of the author. A little humor at the end would have made the end more interesting.

I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. I took out one star because there were a lot of run-on sentences which did not make complete sense. It also had a lot of grammatical errors such as: “Rafe stepped back in just in time to catch Pat bowing out of the game.”(Page 31). I did not give it a 2 because the story was entertaining enough if not for the errors.

This book would appeal most to rape victims and those dealing with heartaches. Lovers of romance stories would want to read this book. This book would appeal least to people who are against same sex marriage. Anyone with no interest in romance stories may not want to read this book.

Heartaches 3
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Ijeoma Kikelomo
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Post by Ijeoma Kikelomo » 10 Oct 2018, 13:37

Third review I've through on this book and I must say that yours is outstanding. Indeed, the plot sounds amazing and the characters enjoyable Not my kind of book but you've written a beautiful review.

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Post by LaurenHaupt » 10 Oct 2018, 14:13

I did wish Suzi was in the book more also. I think BDSM took a bigger chunk out of the book than it had to. Great review!

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Post by Cardinalsparrow » 10 Oct 2018, 15:57

Great review, I've reviewed this book too and I quite agree with your analysis of it. I also share your views on the BDSM use in the book.

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Post by crediblereading2 » 10 Oct 2018, 22:32

The title "Heartache 3" really suits the painful situations that Anna and Rafe went through. This book will motivate rape victims to heal and move on with their lives. Thank you for a wonderful review of this book.

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Rosemary Khathibe
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Post by Rosemary Khathibe » 11 Oct 2018, 04:30

What a nice explanation of a word 'heartaches.' I have also read and reviewed this book. And your rating has opened my eyes on important issues I didn't take into consideration back then. Enchanting review!

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Post by melissy370 » 11 Oct 2018, 08:45

The erotic and BDSM would deter me from this book. Thanks for your review though.

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Post by ea_anthony » 11 Oct 2018, 14:19

I like your take/expatiation on heart ache - decent job! I believe I might have issues with the erotic scenes especially if described in too much details. The BDSM and gay romance would not appeal to me. I will have to pass by this read.
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Post by Sen_Suzumiya » 11 Oct 2018, 17:51

I can't wait to read those books! Thank you very much for your review!
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Post by Cher432 » 11 Oct 2018, 18:46

I also thought the BDSM was too excessive and took away from the story. However, I appreciated the message the author tried to convey. Thanks for the wonderful review.

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Post by C-Extra22 » 14 Oct 2018, 05:15

I like the fact that the book is easy to understand and detailed enough. Thanks for the concise review.

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Sweet Psamy
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Post by Sweet Psamy » 14 Oct 2018, 05:34

I find the use of BDSM in the book, very intriguing. I like your review. Blessings!

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