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Discuss the October 2016 Book of the Month, Unspeakable Acts by Janet Leigh Green.
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Re: Fear Factor

Post by Janetleighgreen » 12 Oct 2016, 07:11

lane_vespertine wrote:
Janetleighgreen wrote:
Scott wrote:I agree with those before me. It was more distributing and dark than scary. About 3 seem right. I actually like it better for that reason. I like dark stories :shock2:
As most of you know, I hired a new editor and we are in the process of a new edit. There is so much work to do! I can't believe my previous editor missed so much! I am actually re-writing parts of the book, but keeping the story line the same. I hope you all go back and read it again when it's done! Maybe there will be some scarier, creepier stuff in there! Lol! Thoughts???
I think this is a great idea!

I remember reading some author (honestly don't remember who) that explained that there is always something that can be improved or changed in every novel. And at some point you just have to say "enough" not because you are done per se, but because you feel as though you have done as much as you can at that moment.

I wasn't a big fan of this book. I felt like some of the characters, especially in the beginning, were a bit wooden and unrelatable. They filled out a bit throughout the story, but I would love to read a version that tweaked this a bit.

Going back to the purpose of this thread, I found the book to be a solid two.
The first interaction with the ghost (it's been a few weeks since I read it and can't remember the woman's name and don't have it in front of me...) just sort of happened. Yeah, there was the noise indicating its arrival, which is a good theme! But I felt like a little more atmosphere in this first encounter we read about could have helped build a creepier vibe throughout. Like how music in a horror movie can prime you into getting scared even when nothing is happening (yet.)

The last book that has ever deserved a five on the scariness rating from me is Salem's Lot. I read it when I was pretty young and I had to stay up all night to finish it because I couldn't sleep. So, this is my reference point.
Thank you for your feedback. I hope you do read the second release when it comes out. I am trying to feed off some of the constructive criticism I've received without losing my overall vision.

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Post by Momlovesbooks » 12 Oct 2016, 15:52

I would really describe this as more disturbing than scary. It had more overtones of evil than fear. I would probably rate it 3 or 3.5 on the scary scale.

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Post by Kia » 12 Oct 2016, 22:03

I would probably rate this a 3 or 4 on the scary scale. I agree that it was more disturbing than actually scary, but I don't read scary stories as a general rule. I don't watch scary movies; heck, I don't even like roller coasters. I just do not like to be scared. And so I think I found this a little more spooky than other people just because I purposefully avoid scary stories.
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Post by hsimone » 17 Oct 2016, 12:18

I realized that I never gave a rating! I would give this book a 3 for fear factor. Like others have said it's more dark and disturbing than scary. I didn't have nightmares or heard any weird creaks or clicks, so that's good! But, there were times when I had to take a second and remember this is fiction. :)
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Post by greenstripedgiraffe » 21 Oct 2016, 10:17

I'd say about 2 or 3. It would have been highly scary as a movie, but as a book, not so much - I think because of the switching back and forth between past and present, and the present was overall light-hearted.
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Post by Paliden » 09 Nov 2016, 17:21

3 to 4.....it was rather dark in some parts.
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Post by Silvermoon » 13 Nov 2016, 18:21

I would rate the fear factor at 1. I know ghosts exist, but the story was over exaggerated enough that it wasn't frightening.
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Post by CrescentMoon » 20 Nov 2016, 18:42

I was definitely more "creeped out" and disturbed than feeling actually scared. I think for me it's very rare for books to get that feeling out of me. The only time I really get scared is when I'm watching scary movies on TV with the loud creepy music. But this book definitely did a good job with the creep factor.
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Post by Insightsintobooks » 10 Jan 2017, 22:26

I agree that the book was more disturbing than scary. I would rate it a 3.
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Post by Naval Aulakh » 09 Jul 2017, 04:02

I would give it 2 out of 5. I didn't find it much scary and the romance element made it even lighter.
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