What's your go-to genre?

For September 2016, it is free choice!
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Rose Daugherty
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Re: What's your go-to genre?

Post by Rose Daugherty » 30 Dec 2016, 12:20


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Post by dosenron877 » 31 Dec 2016, 00:22

Chesstom wrote:I'm really in to horror as I love the feeling when your heart beats faster when the protagonist is in danger and temporary relief when it's just his or hers imagination just to jump straight back in again
How do you feel when the protagonist doesn't make it? I've just been reading a recent (December 2016) offering of short stories by Amy Cross. In Black Pages, a short story in the collection The Ghost of Longthorn Manor and Other Stories, Polly is a character we can identify with but she meets a less than desirable ending.

Note: This is neither a spoiler for the short story nor the collection. :o

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Post by Nandini_18 » 31 Dec 2016, 03:31

Adventure and mystery is an all time favourite. However lately i have been reading more of romance also.

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Booker Ashley
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Post by Booker Ashley » 31 Dec 2016, 15:00

I typically read anything but my go to would be YA novels. They are right up my alley so why not.

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Post by Kendrareads » 31 Dec 2016, 15:03

Enjoy historical fiction and also mystery and literary fiction.

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Post by memery » 31 Dec 2016, 15:06

My go-to is always Sci Fi or Fantasy, especially if I've just finished a book that leaves me feeling sad. There are so many excellent writers and stories in both genres, that I never fail to find a new book or series to dive into.

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Post by Amanda89 » 31 Dec 2016, 15:06

I prefer romance or mysteries as my go to reads.

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Post by crlanei » 31 Dec 2016, 15:09

I love a good mystery. It is as much about the character study of it all as it is about the "who done it" factor.

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Post by Youayuna » 31 Dec 2016, 15:20

I would say romance or fantasy.

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Post by CJSBooks4 » 31 Dec 2016, 15:24

Romance fore sure! I have only read a few bad romance books and they always interest me. I mostly read contemporary romance books.

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Post by DCFReader » 31 Dec 2016, 15:28

I have two go to genres that obsess over. I love to read thrillers / mystery books and I love to read memoirs / autobiographies. Currently I'm reading Anna Kendrick's and it's amazing!

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Post by mel345 » 31 Dec 2016, 15:42

Comedy romances either contemporary or paranormal.

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Post by jdinopks » 31 Dec 2016, 15:48

I like mystery and crime fiction.
My go-to authors are currently Faye Kellerman and Mariah Stewart, although I'm looking for new authors because I'm frustrated with contradictions in character actions and timeline continuity.

Does anyone else find glaring editing and continuity issues in the books they read?
I find it takes me out of the story when I notice a repeated action or a repeated section of text.

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Post by ArtsyReader » 31 Dec 2016, 15:50

Horror would have be my go to genre as the first books I ever read as a kid were the goosebumps books. I always liked how you could never be sure if the main character would win or lose in these books which made them more interesting in my opinion.

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Post by ginamichelleb » 31 Dec 2016, 16:04

I am into thriller and horror books like zombie and ghost books. Books like those keeps my interest. I am not into romance novels though because I believe it is not my thing to read.

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