What's your go-to genre?

For September 2016, it is free choice!
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Re: What's your go-to genre?

Post by briannarenee94 »

Romance! Occasionally I can get into a good crime novel but mostly romance!
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Post by +Megan+ »

My go to genre is LGBT, and after that it would be supernatural. In my best moments, it's both at once.
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Post by Insightsintobooks »

I love historical fiction and new age. However, I love to read a bit of everything and like reading new things.
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Post by Mozez »

I like business books,paranormal books and books generally.The books I read at any particular time, will depend on my state of mind.The books should be able to force me to think.
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Post by nonaprkns »

I love ghost book
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Post by mochababy70 »

My favorite type of book is horror.
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Post by Capricorngurl »

I love romance books. Although, there has to be a good storyline. Or teen books.
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Post by Amy2451 »

My favourite is fantasy, mystery and horror! Love Steven king!
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Post by Between the Shelves »

If YA is a genre, definitely that. I'm particularly fascinated with the influx of dystopian novels for the young adult audience (I even wrote my thesis on that!)
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Post by Garabrandtreviews »

I almost always go for a funny historical romance when I am in a slump, but I read nearly anything. :techie-studyingbrown:
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Post by Kailynn »

For me, if Im bored and just after a quick read I'll go for a YA dystopia, fantasy type book. In general I'll read a bit of everything except horror.
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Post by masielal »

Fantasy, Horror, Sci-fi, adventure, Comtemporary
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Post by kandscreeley »

Young adult science fiction.
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Post by MW000865 »

I love to really read something different and out of the common world. Sci-fi/fantasy romance is my go-to. I am one that loves the unknown plot twists that really keep you guessing. I adore the surprise revelation that comes from an inventive writer that brings something new to vampires, aliens, wereanimals, mermaids, etc.

I look forward to "learning new secrets" from these groups. I want to enjoy the ride but I do not enjoy a great story that is poorly written. Synonyms, homonyms, and the like, that are used incorrectly, detract from the story to the point that it is not worth reading (for me). Take care writers, "the best story ever" cannot be enjoyed with ceaseless and needless mistakes.
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Kailey Brenner
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Post by Kailey Brenner »

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