What's your go-to genre?

For September 2016, it is free choice!
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Re: What's your go-to genre?

Post by annabelleon »

This question of hard for me to answer after some thought and a good cup of coffe I've come to the conclusion that I really like a good fantasy or science fiction book! They really make you feel like your in a whole new world (which is a great thing)
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Post by rules640 »

My go to genre has always been crime. I have a kind of soft corner for true crime, I go back to it again and again.
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Post by dosenron877 »

jdinopks wrote:I like mystery and crime fiction.
My go-to authors are currently Faye Kellerman and Mariah Stewart, although I'm looking for new authors because I'm frustrated with contradictions in character actions and timeline continuity.

Does anyone else find glaring editing and continuity issues in the books they read?
I find it takes me out of the story when I notice a repeated action or a repeated section of text.
Unwarranted contradictions in character actions would drive me up a wall. However, in mystery and crime fiction there will be early contradictions when writing about psychopaths, sociopaths, bipolar, and multi-polar characters. The good writers resolve these contradictions somewhere in the book, so OK. That is why I mention "unwarranted."

For timelines, the same kind of thing. I have read several Amy Cross novels in which I skipped over a date and time used as a chapter heading. Then I have to go back.

I wouldn't want to stifle a writer's creativity with prescriptive rules, but I understand your point. :doh:
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Post by Abibliophobia »

My go-to genre is usually fantasy or Sci-Fi, although I generally prefer to read fantasy.

I love reading about worlds that could be, can be, or might be. I feel like in fantasy, the creativity that goes into making up the world, time, setting, and characters, gives the reader a lot of free room to add on to the story. You can interpret the characters and other aspects of the book in your own way without messing up the story at all.

Also, it's a lot easier to write fanfiction or headcanons for worlds with magic and the impossible. Readers can write fanfictions where almost anything is possible and for authors to give a readers that possibility, I believe that is the greatest gift yet.

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Post by clintvanhere »

Maybe I'm weird, but my go-to is an autobiography.
I find these easy to read and easy to relate to (the well written ones, that is).
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Post by HonestAnne »

My go-to genre is Fantasy! It's always so interesting to learn about the different worlds authors create and being able to create this world in my mind as i'm reading the story. It's great!!!!!!
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Post by MadLibraryScientist »

Depends on what I'm in the mood for. A lot of times I'll end of revisiting old favorites (I forever need to reread series so that I can catch up on the most recent entries). But usually I'll go with fantasy or sci fi. Maybe a mystery.
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Post by FMabrey »

The nonfiction genre is my go-to genre. I like facts and learning about new subjects.
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Post by kaitlyntommeraas »

Personally, my go-to genre is young adult, and more specifically contemporary.
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Post by Nivlocte77 »

My go to genres are romance and suspense. In particular, I love Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown. Those are my two favorite genres, but I also enjoy reading true crime stories and mysteries.
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Post by TRUpshur »

My go to genre is mystery. Particularly, crime thrillers. I also enjoy British and cozy mysteries as well. Come to think of it, even the fantasy and paranormal ones I like tend to have mystery, suspense and thrills.
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Post by johlisaspivey »

Anyone have any good recommendations I love urban novels?
Amanda Majors
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Post by Amanda Majors »

I like dystopian and young adult novels.
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Post by NetMassimo »

For me it's science fiction, especially if it brings me to another world and/or another time.
Ciao :)
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Post by Jiyarani »

My go to genre is LGBT+. Any topic related to GAY will be good for me (with adult theme )
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