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Fiction books written by African authors

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Fiction books written by African authors

Post Number:#1 by pemb4274
» 20 Dec 2016, 20:35

I'm currently spending a lot of my time studying the politics of a range of countries across Sub-Saharan Africa. I have read plenty about the politics of the different countries, but feel I'd get a lot out of reading some of the fiction written in them to give me a new perspective of the places I read about every day.

Unfortunately, I'm finding it quite hard to find good recommendations beyond some authors I've already read, like Chinua Achebe and NoViolet Bulawayo (would really recommend checking out both, by the way!). If anyone has any suggestions, that'd be fantastic :) in particular, if anyone knows any good Tanzanian, Angolan or Rwandan writers that I might enjoy, I'd be very very grateful.

Cheers xx
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Re: Fiction books written by African authors

Post Number:#2 by Bad Macaw
» 29 Dec 2016, 07:33

Hello there,

I would suggest Ondjaki (Angola), Jose Eduardo Agualusa(Angola) and Mia Couto (Mozambique). We've always had books by these authors around the house, I grew up with their names and their words. I couldn't recommend them more!!

I have read these authors in Portuguese, but there are editions in English. You will find some beautiful writing in their books. I'm not sure how well Mia Couto translates to English, because he is known for making up his own words, a mixture of Portuguese and regional dialects.

I really need to reread them! Thank you for reminding me :D Let me know what you think if you do give them a try!

Edit: Almost forgot: Pepetela is another great Angolan writer
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Re: Fiction books written by African authors

Post Number:#3 by stoppoppingtheP
» 08 Jun 2017, 13:14

I'm reading 'High Low In-Between' by Imraan Coovadia right now. It is a novel based in South Africa and is about the story of an Indian family.

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Re: Fiction books written by African authors

Post Number:#4 by Fuzee4
» 18 Jun 2017, 10:24

I don't know which country they're exactly, but Naguib Mahfouz, Abdulrazak Gurnah are both amazing African authors. Their books give you an insight of the continent and its history.
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