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joe jarvis
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Re: Distopia Books

Post by joe jarvis » 23 Jan 2017, 22:19

"A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess is an awesome dystopian read. It is told from the psychopathic main character's perspective, and the author made a slang language that you kind of have to figure out as you read. It's not too hard, but takes a little getting used to. Definitely messed up, but so good, and brings up questions of free will, and right and wrong in punishing a terrible person for their crimes--how far is too far.

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Post by dhwanis » 29 Jan 2017, 03:34

I know a lot of people have already recommended it, but I would like to say that 1984 by George Orwell is a great dystopian read.

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Post by The-happy-reader-7 » 04 Apr 2019, 00:04

World war Z is awesome! There are so many great stories in this book, and so many perspectives of the zombie apocalypse.it was so interesting to read about this incident from characters from all around the world. Although it starts at a slow pace, the action builds up. It is certainly worth a read

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Post by mmm17 » 05 Apr 2019, 14:06

The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood, is a great one.

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Post by melel_jo » 05 Apr 2019, 20:27

Peeps and The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld are more of the beginning of a dystopian world. The Road by Cormac Mcarthy and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick are the other two that come to mind.
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Post by Kaylee123 » 17 Apr 2019, 11:52

I recently read The Rule of One by Ashley Saunders. It's a young adult distopian novel that was really interesting. It's about a set of twins during a time when parents are only allowed to have one child. I believe it has a sequel, too.

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Post by jkmalik » 28 Jul 2019, 07:35

I remember reading Among the Hidden in school. It is a commentary on limited children policy- how you can only have a certain amount of children. It was very interesting. It was a while ago, but I distinctly remember this description of feeding a hungry child with a sandwich. The description of the sandwich sounded amazing. It made me picture it, which made me hunger for it. First time I could visual something that clearly. It seems insignificant in the whole scope of the book, but I'm just saying, the book was so good, that I remember details like that.

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Post by KatiesReading » 14 Aug 2019, 09:45

I really enjoyed The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken :)

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Post by Jennashby_87 » 03 Nov 2019, 13:50

Under the Never Sky- Veronica Rossi
The 5th Wave- Rick Yancey
Matched- Ally Condie
Defiance- CJ Redwine
Partials- Dan Wells
Blackout-Robison Wells

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Post by lunablue_x3 » 06 Nov 2019, 13:20

I've read that Jeff Vandermeer's Southern Reach Trilogy is dystopian, but after reading the first two books, I think it's actually more of a sci-fi horror story. I think I enjoyed the first book, Annihilation, more than the second. Vandermeer writes well from the perspective of a female character. Could possibly be considered dystopian.

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