Which movies made you want to read the book?

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Re: Which movies made you want to read the book?

Post by HailKingEbi » 24 Sep 2018, 08:14

Half of a yellow sun by Chimamanda Adichie. The movie seemed incomplete, had to recourse to the book. Tje book satiated my curiosity.
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Post by zarah_ » 09 Oct 2018, 12:16

I used to make it a habit to read the book before watching it in the cinemas but because I was most likely let down after, I decided to do it the other way round. I watched Crazy Rich Asian back in August and have added it to my to-read list. Now I just need to find time to finish my other books so I can get to it.

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Post by Zimall » 19 Oct 2018, 00:10

Harru potter and the bfg made me read the book versions and the books didn't disappoint me they were more alluring than movies.

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Post by HailKingEbi » 19 Oct 2018, 17:42

Chimamanda Adichie's Half of a yellow sun. after hearing so much about the book, I saw the movie first, i was less than impressed. so went to the book and I wasn't disappointed.
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Post by NhkeiraT » 20 Oct 2018, 18:16

Fifty Shades of Grey
Nappily Ever After
Dear White People

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Post by gkelly » 20 Oct 2018, 18:21

I love the Divergent series and after watching the first 2 movies decided to read the books. I fell in love with the books as well.

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Post by dreamthewilderness » 29 Nov 2018, 19:52

I sorely want to read V for Vendetta after having seen the movie. I've watched it several times and still haven't gotten around to getting my hands on the graphic novel...
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Post by GladdenKay » 30 Nov 2018, 02:42

I watched the Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio and it made me want to read the book. I still haven't read it yet but I'm hoping to do it soon.

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Post by r_bhavika » 30 Nov 2018, 05:19

My first book was Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James, I saw the poster of the movie and I was intrigued. And I read Me Before You because of Sam Claflin.
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Post by Frankfemez » 01 Dec 2018, 14:49

After i saw the the Godfather, I love the movie then went for the novel by Mario Puzo.

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Post by Chyenne Massey » 02 Dec 2018, 19:21

Love, Simon, The Hate U Give, Everything Everything.

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gladys boxer
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Post by gladys boxer » 09 Jan 2019, 02:27

I also watched the movie IT and it was amazing

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Post by Cara Van Heerden » 09 Jan 2019, 06:41

This one's old but seeing Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy really made me wanna read the book!
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Post by maryxmlt » 11 Jan 2019, 05:56

I saw a little while back the movie "Snowman" which is a movie based on Jo Nesbo's book with the same title.

The movie was incredible. I loved it for the most part but they're were moments that I got a bit bored.

I've read a Jo Nesbo book before and I know that he gives so many details about the characters storyline and their mentality in a way that it's not shoved down your throat. Which obviously the movie lacked a little, bc it's a movie you can't fit 600+ pages in 2 hours let's be real, but all in all the movie was a good preview, I would say, for the book.

Now obviously you know the ending of the book from the movie but I think going a little bit more in depth with the characters and their feelings through the book is going to be a fun adventure.

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Post by Purple Empress » 11 Jan 2019, 09:54

There are quite a few for me. Usually my rule is to first read the book and then watch the movie, but sometimes that rule doesn't work out as I don't always realise that the movie was based on a book. The last one that happened with was Cloud Atlas. It was such a beautiful movie that the next day I went hunting for the book. And for once, in this case, I wasn't disappointed by the movie at all after reading the book. If anything, the movie brings in so many unique elements that just add to the overall masterpiece of the book (such as using the same actors to play different roles in different timelines - emphasizing how everything and everyone is connected). It is brilliant! I highly recommend both reading the book and watching the movie!

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