Did you cry during the Book/Movie?

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The Virgo Speaks
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Did you cry during the Book/Movie?

Post by The Virgo Speaks » 06 Dec 2016, 23:11

There have been many movies based off of the story line of novels that evoke emotion. My question is are there any books that have made you cry just as u would have done or did if you actually saw the movie? An example would be "The Fault In Our Stars" (I shed a tear or two toward the end)

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Post by ashee » 07 Dec 2016, 12:58

Yes I did too, worth both reading and watching.

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Post by thereadingsloth » 12 Dec 2016, 00:45

Okay, so I read The Fault in our Stars and cried towards the end of the book. Then, I watched the movie. I cried through the whole entire movie, and went through a whole box of tissues! I'm not sure if it was because I read the book first and knew what was going to happen (especially since the movie went almost exactly along with the book) but I couldn't stop crying!

My Sister's Keeper, is another book and movie that made me cry my eyes out!
I am not a fan of reading/watching movies that make me cry all the time, but sometimes you need a good cry

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Post by HerRoyalCuteness_J » 12 Dec 2016, 01:04

I Love that movie.. Made me cry a lot..
Really hit that soft spot.?

-- 12 Dec 2016, 01:06 --

I also cried when I read "The Five People You meet in Heaven" Its a really great book ?

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Post by Dcal22 » 14 Dec 2016, 12:25

I was a mess when I read the Divergent series. Three days after the book ended I was still upset! I just get so into the books because I love the emotion the characters are displaying in ink. In a movie you may not always know what a character is feeling or thinking which makes it less of an emotional train wreak for me.
The books always get me and sometimes the movies, but usually just because I know what is already going on!

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Post by JessieMarie84 » 14 Dec 2016, 21:59

Fault In Our Stars was the only book I cried while reading only to turn around and cry during the movie even though I knew what would happen.
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Post by pavster » 15 Dec 2016, 03:12

I definitely teared up during parts of the movie! Then again, I do so for so any movies that touches me--Tangled, Never Let Me Go, the Hunger Games, even Toy Story! Books I haven't really teared up except for my all-time favorite, Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I thought about that book for days and it's the first book I have ever cried over.

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Post by danilizm7603 » 15 Dec 2016, 06:39

I cried during the fault in our stars as well. I cried reading it and I cried during the movie.

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Post by viennablackdale1 » 15 Jan 2017, 15:28

I did cry during The Fault in our Stars, both book and movie.

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Post by Elaine_18 » 15 Jan 2017, 21:18

The Fault in Our Stars, My Sister's Keeper and The Book Thief.

I'm a little crybaby.

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Post by Fatema5253 » 17 Jan 2017, 04:23

I didn't really like Fault In Our Stars as both the movie and the book didn't make me cry at all. But the book 'Me Before You' made me cry for days, and it was not even the few tears cry, I was full on bawling.

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Post by thejadedvoice » 19 Jan 2017, 01:39

My Sister's Keeper-- OMG! I have never cried so much during a book/movie.

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Post by Texas_Jazz2016 » 19 Jan 2017, 20:20

Patriot's Day- About the Boston Marathon and yes I cried. My husband had run it three times and I cannot imagine the pain. But I can imagine the outpouring of love from Boston residents alone. Wonderful town.
You before Me- I loved the movie and had my tissue ready. Beautiful story.
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Post by Insightsintobooks » 19 Jan 2017, 22:02

Yes there have been. Most recently "A Bend in the Willow by Susan clayton-goldner
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Post by Bookwrm2095 » 22 Jan 2017, 14:43

Oh yes, definitely. I cried when reading Gandalf's fall in Fellowship of the Ring. I don't care what people say; that hit me hard in the feels!
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