The Tournament Trilogy

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The Tournament Trilogy

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I read The Tournament Trilogy by B.B. Griffith a couple years back and really enjoyed it. I didn’t love the third installment; I wish the story had gone somewhere else, but I understand the author had a slightly different vision than I did.
The books are exciting spy-like action books about a secret organization that uses a yearly Tournament to settle just about anything (financial matters, potential international relations, etc.). The Tournament takes a 3-person team from each participating country, equips then with a unique bullet that induces a coma but will not kill and pits them against each other. The teams have the entire globe as their battlefield, but they do not wish to be seen by the public.
The books are currently only available as an ebook as far as I can tell, which is slightly irritating to me. I did not think Griffiths writing style was particular unique or immaculate but the story was intriguing to me.
The whole time I was reading these, especially the first book, I thought it would they would make great movies or a TV Miniseries. To me this is a case where the book wasn’t perfect, but it would make for an excellent screenplay and there isn’t too much to the story that I think a screen adaptation could mess up. Anyone else read these books and agree or disagree?

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