Book first or movie first?

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Re: Book first or movie first?

Post by SilviaP21 » 13 Jul 2017, 07:18

Of course the book first. If I see the movie, I already know the ending, I can't imagine how the characters would look because I have already seen them and so on. When I read a book, my imagination plays a very important role. So if I see the movie first, all that disappears.

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Jacinta M Gitau
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Post by Jacinta M Gitau » 13 Jul 2017, 10:49

Movie first is the best way, then read the book later

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Post by fandemoniumnetwork » 14 Jul 2017, 02:02

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Post by Theodorah1 » 14 Jul 2017, 02:07

Probably book first will love to better read and understand and have some joy in it first before watching the movies at least will have got some better ideas about it.

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Post by jwalker73 » 15 Jul 2017, 06:39

I definitely prefer to read the book first. I love the fact that reading lets you visualise the characters and settings as they relate to you. This is what I think makes the experience of reading so unique as no person will picture the exact same image even though they are reading the same description. I feel that this lost if you see the movie first as you enter the book with an image already in mind, which can restrict your imagination a bit. I also find that watching the movie based on a book can be quite a disappointing experience as it often omits points that you personally feel are quite significant parts of the story line. I also frequently find that, as I had interpreted the characters to be quite different than the movie portrays, the films often have much less impact on me.

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Post by ritah » 15 Jul 2017, 13:21

I would definitely go with the book first, mostly because books tend to be vivid/descriptive taking my imagination on a ride - the motion picture happens in my mind and not the screen, to me there is something special about that. I found that I get more excited to watch a movie on a book I've read first than vice versa.

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Mtsweni Nelsy
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Post by Mtsweni Nelsy » 15 Jul 2017, 14:43

Definitely a movie get the bigger picture when I'm reading!

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Post by Tamanna » 15 Jul 2017, 23:48

I always read the book first because I've found that a lot of the time a movie might change my perception of the book. Another reason why is that the book gives the original story and contains far more details than the movie ever could. From the book, I can understand the characters and their thoughts and having this kind of insider's knowledge of the characters makes movie watching a lot more interesting.
I also love comparing the scenes I've imagined in my head while reading the book to the ones displayed in the movie.

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Shireks Nancy
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Post by Shireks Nancy » 16 Jul 2017, 00:40

The book comes fast, then the movie becomes very enjoyable, especially if you watch it with people who have not read the book.

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Vivian Paschal
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Post by Vivian Paschal » 16 Jul 2017, 01:35

The book first. Some movie adaptations do a good job of putting you off. If you watch those kinds of movies first, you may lose interest in reading the books. And the book just may be a lot better. Plus, I love giving my imagination the chance to work. If you watch the movie first, you're likely to imagine based on the movie.

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Post by magicquill » 17 Jul 2017, 10:26

I always read the book first because in reading it you can find the true masterpiece since it is the original version. It shows the plot and events in it that might not be included in the movie. In other words it shows the complete story behind its creation.

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Post by ValEtt » 18 Jul 2017, 12:18

I love that this is a topic people have been weighing in on for six years on this forum alone. So controversial! I like to experience media in a way that gives me the most enjoyment, with the second experience enriching the first. Therefore, if I think I will like a movie better than a book, I will read the book first so the movie will only add to an already (hopefully) positive experience. If the reverse is true and what I've heard indicates that the book is better, I will watch the movie first so that the book can add to my experience. In short, I always want to end on a high note!

Shamim Bilha
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Post by Shamim Bilha » 19 Jul 2017, 07:29

Come on. I would obviously go for books first. They are more vivid and interesting. I wont however mind a movie once in a while.

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Post by emmaskyblue » 19 Jul 2017, 13:20

I would read the book first before watching the movie. This will make the movie understandable.

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Post by lolashoes » 20 Jul 2017, 05:47

I tend to read the book first before watching the movie.

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