Would the Harry Potter movies have done better as series?

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aby johnson
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Re: Would the Harry Potter movies have done better as series?

Post by aby johnson »

harry potter could have been so awesome if it was made into a series. like think about 7 seasons for seven books and number of chapters into episodes. wow. i think that is every potterhead's dream.
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Sarah Nichols 7
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Post by Sarah Nichols 7 »

Now that I’ve seen the movies and have a deep love for the portrayal of the characters by the actors in the movies, I don’t think I could see a series of it with different actors. I would love to see a series following the Marauders (James, Sirius, Remus, and *blech* Peter). Someone get on this idea!
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Post by Wesusa »

While it probably would've benefited from being longer in length, I think the movies do a good job of conveying the stories told in the books. If it were done in a series, oftentimes the episodes would feel disjointed. You have to understand that events don't always happen in every chapter of the book, they take time to progress. If it were in a series, some episodes would seem like filler with nearly nothing happening in them. I think this Is my main reason why I prefer the idea of movies, rather than a show.
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single churro
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Post by single churro »

The Harry Potter series could be a good idea, but the make or break would be the actors chosen. The movie's ensemble cast is so perfect and etched in our minds that it would be difficult to accept new faces.
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Post by Olgamiell »

I'm so used to the movies by now that it's difficult for me to imagine other actors playing the characters. But on the other hand, the books are so much more detailed, and tv series could be a chance to show them all on-screen. So I agree that a great lot would depend on actors.
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Post by dennisbragra »

Yes it would..A series would go into the depths that the books had gone into
Game of thrones is a nice example
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Post by Esther11 »

It definitely would. The movie adaptation changed and left out a lot of details. If it was a series, it would have more time to explore other characters like Percy weasley.
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Vishnu Priya B
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Post by Vishnu Priya B »

I had the exact same thoughts a few years before. I watched the movies first, got inspired by it and then turned to the book, hoping it'd be even better. I wasn't disappointed. But definitely, a series would be better than movie.
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Post by TriptiK »

Can't say if they would have done it better or not, but it's something that I would wish for always in the first few years after I watched the movies. I wanted every detail of it.

Later I read the books, and then I never wished for the same. Having absorbed into it completely, now when I sit idle & think of a scene in H.P, I get confused as to whether I saw it in movies or read it in books. The books kind of have become a complete series for me and any change to it might not be desired.
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Mason Garrod
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Post by Mason Garrod »

At the time especially, a TV series version would have most likely had significantly worse effects, production values, and would be missing most or all of the star-studded adult cast who were such a strong part of the movies. We're fortunate that the movies were fairly decent adaptations as a whole but a TV remake in the future would of course be able to include more subplots
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Aroona Kashif
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Post by Aroona Kashif »

tv series certainly do allow for more details to be accurately presented, but i feel that the movies did fairly well. the books are magnificent though, i love every detail put in them.
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Priya Murugesan
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Post by Priya Murugesan »

I absolutely loved the books.. Movies had a different feel.. Even though it had complaints I enjoyed all of them.. Series is an awesome idea..But like many, I can't imagine new faces to the Harry Potter characters., It would have been if they had taken series instead of movies.. But now if series was taken, then 3d animation would be nice..
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Post by BHUMI D »

Not commenting on the cast - they were perfect. Speaking only based on the story, I would have loved to see it as a series if they had stayed true to the novel, with only very little room for deviation. But if the later movies ( I only liked the first two movies, although I was ok with the 3rd, it's not my favorite, 7th was a utter disappointment) were this bad - I cannot imagine how much they would have messed up the series. Ron is not one of my top favorite characters, in fact none of the trio are, but I did not like how they portrayed it in the movie. SO I cannot imagine how many more chatterers they might have had the liberty to mess around with - I would have probably ended up hating one of the characters on-screen.
So, I don't have high expectations for the series unless they remain faithful to the book.
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Ambar Gill
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Post by Ambar Gill »

I don't think anything could replace the Harry Potter movies, they have a cult following of their own and for their time, were done exceptionally well. However, since there is news that they are making it into a TV show, I am interested to see what they come up with. I think it would be far more book-accurate, with details we missed in the movies, like Peeves.
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human reader
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Post by human reader »

I feel like the way modern writers extend stories tends to be hit and miss. A lot of the time they add more drama like protagonists arguing and stuff that, if anything, lessens the experience.
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