Favorite Harry Potter character (Apart from the golden trio)

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Re: Favorite Harry Potter character (Apart from the golden trio)

Post by wedwilson »

Luna Lovegood
Tobi Adefila
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Post by Tobi Adefila »

I can't even remember what happened in the movie. It's more like I just watched it cause of the hype it was getting.
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Post by BHUMIKA D »

Fred, Sirius, Lupin are some of my favorites but my top favorite is Severus. It's funny how I got to like the character.
In the 3rd book and movie, Sirius was my favorite character - I was shocked when Sirius died in 5th book. I thought this was end of me wanting to follow this series and ended us re-watching the 3rd movie over and over again. Unintentionally, I started liking Severus and Lupin in the Shrieking Shack scene. I was more drawn to Severus than Lupin. And, that's it after the 3rd movie and the 5th book that was already released - Severus became my favorite character. I kept fighting with my sister that Severus was good and she just ignored me.
I understand how difficult it is to protect something and someone who you both love and hate at the same time. I cried when he died - I had not cried even for Sirius but I did for Severus. Sirius death was a complete shock - I maybe hoped he would somehow come back but I never cried. I think we all expected Albus to die - so it was neither a surprising or a shock for me. But Severus, once I read the 6th book - I did expect him to die - I was even ready for his death - but it still made me cry. The only other character I bawled my eyes out was for Fred - I think I cried for Fred more than I did for Severus, but still Severus takes the first place.
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Post by Srikant Mahanty »

Severus Snape!
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Bella Hassan
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Post by Bella Hassan »

Mrs Weasley is my favorite. She is agood mother and her smile amazing, be careful to make every one happy.
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Thats a tough one. honestly i like draco purely for the looks. But character wise maybe minerva. Though i also really like Viktor krum.
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Post by Ambar Gill »

Luna has got to be my favourite, apart from the trio. Though neville is a very close second. I love Luna's personality and character. She is adorably nerdy and quirky and something about that makes me love her, the fact that she's a Ravenclaw makes me love her more.
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Post by Do Thi Huong »

Dobby will forever hold a special place in my heart. His final scene brought me to tears. I love him for his loyalty and selflessness. He can be both adorable and tough, always protective of Harry and his friends. He's my hero in Harry Potter.
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Jennifer Cowhig
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Post by Jennifer Cowhig »

My favorite character is Luna. People underestimate her but she is powerful. She loves animals and is a dreamer. I also love Hagrid for his heart.
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