Have You Watched Lucifer On Netflix Yet?

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Adu Boahene
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Re: Have You Watched Lucifer On Netflix Yet?

Post by Adu Boahene »

Yes, I have. It's really interesting. Lucifer's persona makes the whole show more worth the watch.
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Post by Nana2_ »

Whaat! Man I need to watch it. I will jud's add it to my list. Thanks for the recommendation🤗.
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Post by RobinBennet »

Haven't read the comics,not really a fan but I am in love with the show. I can't wait for the last and final part of the series to come out, I am sure it will be spectacular just like the rest of it was.
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Post by MrsTurner2013 »

I've watched all of it that has come out so far. I love it!!!
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Post by Foley01 »

they are working on the last season
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Post by Foley01 »

spoiler alert
season six is filming now
it is last season
god shows at season ending of 5
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Post by V-20 »

Yes! It is so good, the story and characters are all well-played. Plus, I got too excited when Lucifer spoke tagalog. So funny and cute.
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x Val
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Post by Georgephilips »

I haven't, but i've seen a few clips from a friend of mine who binge watches this series. I don't know why I'm not just hooked to the series
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Post by Meenahhhh »

I didn’t even know there were comics, but I’ve watched all 6 seasons, and I hate the ending.
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Post by Juliwang »

No, I have'nt. Is it horrifying?
Jordan Abio
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Post by Jordan Abio »

I have seen the series and I would rate it as average at best. The comics are much more fascinating compared to the series.
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Leasa Ana-Maria
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Post by Leasa Ana-Maria »

I did and I finished it. Lucifer was wow. I loved the series, they found the perfect actor to play the main male actor.
kasedy Fairbairn
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Post by kasedy Fairbairn »

I absolutely LOVED that show! I now have a huge love for Lucifer. Very amusing show to watch.
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Post by Austine254 »

Yes and I have to admit it's one of the best shows I've ever watched. It revolves around Lucifer Morningstar who is literally the devil but people close to him think it's just a silly name. Being the devil, he has abilities as you'd imagine but he chooses to use them for the good. He works with his partner, Chloe Decker, who's a police officer and Lucifer helps her by using his abilities to solve the never-ending crime wave. His dad is God and he has brothers and sisters too who are all angels. He is the king of hell and we see him going to see how he'll is doing throughout the show. If you haven't watched Lucifer, make plans to do so and I assure you no regrets.
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human reader
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Post by human reader »

Lucifer is a very loose adaptation of the comic. I think people who watch the show first would be surprised how different the comic is. But it's generally pretty good if you are into mythology. For the most part I like the show. Still need to see the final season.
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