Did you cry during the Book/Movie?

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Re: Did you cry during the Book/Movie?

Post by Millene2004 »

I read 'All the Bright Places' and I cried my eyes out
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Post by glasses0 »

Of course. The example with the movie would be "Titanic". The book that made me cry was "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel García Márquez.
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Post by IamJc_Bembo12 »

I cry every time I watch a heartwarming movie and a motivational one worthy to snivelled with. But the most condescending part is, I laugh after realizing that I cried so hard. Lol
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Post by Lee-2u »

I did I'm emotional person
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Post by review-specialist »

"The Fault In Our Stars" had me crying while reading the book and watching the movie. Moreso, the movie because I was seeing the emotions, chemistry and relationship that the actors shared. I just couldn't hold back the tears. I felt their pain.
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Post by Khadijat Alhassan »

Life in a year!!! I shed a lot of tears in that movie I watched it a few week later and still cried, that was the only movie that just having thoughts about some scene makes me emotional.
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Post by Julie Grobler »

I cried watching the movie Me Before You although I have still not read the book. Bawled like a baby watching Marley and Me and although I knew what to expect when I read the book somehow it seemed even worse and I sobbed and sobbed. Still have the book as I keep all my favourites and collect my favourite authors - and not online but I mean a have a wall full of books. I think animals hit me harder than humans to be honest, Marley and Me was just lovely but ever so heart breaking.
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Post by Sarah Eliza »

Rarely cry during movies (never during a book) but these always get me :
-Boromir's death in The Fellowship of the Ring
-Gunga Din's death at the end of Gunga Din
-The scene in up when you learn that Carl and Ellie lost their baby
-Ellie's death in Up
-Smike's death in Nickolas Nickleby
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Post by eman1013 »

Yes sure. I cried when I read Gandalf's Fall into the Fellowship of the Ring
Catherine Mphande
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Post by Catherine Mphande »

The very first book I cried to was "The concubine" I don't know they didn't give me a warning that the book would end so tragically 😭😭😭but the book is really awesome ..I just hope a movie will be made based on the book.
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