Book first or movie first?

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Danny Rands
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Re: Book first or movie first?

Post by Danny Rands »

I would get the book first, because even after reading the book seeing the movie doesn't have to mean it's going to be boring(unless the movie itself is boring). But just a note, I think reading creates a better picture of a story than watching a movie. I learnt that the most when I was reading the novel Artemis fowl. If you love fiction please you need to read this novel.
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Post by MBerretta »

Tough question! I think both have pros and cons!
If you watch the movie first, sometimes it allows you to better visualize the characters and surroundings. As for me, I watched The Witcher first and then went back and read the books.
Sometimes the selection of cast for the characters of the book is a letdown. So if you've already got a picture in your head of where it takes place and what everyone looks like then you watch the film and it's nothing like you've imagined, you tend to hate it.
I've watched Bridgerton and now I'm reading the Duke and I and it's going a lot more smoothly!
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Post by Dzejn_Crvena »

I'm that reader who always declines to watch a movie unless I read the book first.
Some novelizations also piqued my interest (Shape of the Water!), so I'm thinking of reading the novel version before watching the movie.
I'm more than ready to get enraged and burst out that "THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED IN THE BOOK!!!!" :doh:
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Post by Teen_grl_ »

It's definitely the book first! Because sure, movies are great but the way books can make your imagination run wild is unparalleled!

Have a great day❤
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Marife Solito
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Post by Marife Solito »

It depends on you. For me movies are great starter that will serve as a foundation before taking yourself into the world of reading. Reading will suffice all the missed information you have seen in the movies and watching will definitely give you some preview.
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Post by Kelvia_plath »

I would personally prefer books as I feel books to be more detailed to read and it takes me to a different universe. But I do appreciate the effort taken to make a movie. It takes a lot effort and talent .
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Post by Bookreviewer71 »

I prefer to read the book first. When we read the book, we can perfectly understand the essence of what the author intends to convey. The film version sometimes either exaggerates or plays down the characters and the story of the book. Also, If our mental image of the story doesn't coincide with the film version, we can avoid watching it altogether and savor the book for eternity.
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Abdo Sonbol
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Post by Abdo Sonbol »

There are no doubts that we must take the book first for many reasons:
1- when you read a story you create your own world with your feelings and colors.
2- films make it so limited for our brains to imagine.
3- feeling books in our hands make sense to be filled with the story.
Thafheema Zaroony
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Post by Thafheema Zaroony »

I can't decide 'cause sometimes I feel like reading other times I like to watch movies. It depends on my mood😅
Abdullahi A 2
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Post by Abdullahi A 2 »

Book first because even actors/actrsses reads scripts and when the scripts are gathered it turns to become a book.
Furthermore,a book can be read without distractions but it seems difficult to watch movies without observing discussions or electric faults
Apeksha Pant
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Post by Apeksha Pant »

Definitely book. movies usually spoil the plot which is so well written in a book. So if a movie has a book , i will read the book and never watch the movie .
Natalia Nazeem
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Post by Natalia Nazeem »

If there's a movie that's based off the book, I'd honestly prefer to watch the movie first, and then read the book. This is mainly because I won't be disappointed by the movie - most adaptations tend to fall flat because of how much they miss out, or work well as standalone movies, better than adaptations. For example, Stanley Kubrik's version of 'The Shining' is a classic movie, and works well as a standalone film. However, when you compare it to the book, there are so many aspects that he changed, or ignored, that it doesn't stand well as an adaptation - he changed too many things to make it a good adaptation, but it is still a good movie. That's why I prefer to watch the movie first, enjoy it, and then read the book and get a richer, more descriptive experience of the world and of the story itself.
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Post by dennisbragra »

After what i went through with Game of thrones, I would prefer to read the book first to like understand the plot of the movie.
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