Are you a big fan of Disney movies and why?

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Re: Are you a big fan of Disney movies and why?

Post by Eareeves99 »

I have always loved Disney movies; I think I love the songs as much as anything. Lately, however, I haven't seen much that really captivated me. The live-action movies are remarkably well-done in regards to scenery and effects, but the story has already been done and done again. I think Mulan is the latest but with the changes in the story line and characters, I've no interest in it. Politics enter into every other aspect of life-leave some imagination and fun out there!
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Post by lina_muktar31 »

Yeah, I am a fan of Disney movies. They were a huge part of my childhood.
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Post by nangel04 »

I adore Disney movies, but the ones I grew up watching. To be fair, I have not actually watched any of the live-action remakes, so I cannot say whether they are good or bad. I just feel like I want to stick with the originals. Originals are always better.
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Post by Lost Star »

Absolutely! As a 90s kid, I grew up watching Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. Up until now, I still like to watch Disney movies. They bring back memories and the new ones are not so disappointing, too.
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Post by SarahJean7 »

Oh absolutely. I grew up watching Disney movies. I loved how they encouraged dreaming and being your best self and seeing the magic in life.
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Post by DianaMich »

I see many people don't really like the remakes, but in my case I actually enjoy them.
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Post by Liveforchrist51 »

Disney movies are the best! The storylines are innocent and unworldly. Sometimes it is nice to have that instead of a reality check. The originals are perfect. Remaking them was not such a great idea.
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Post by Lunupine »

I love them. I grew up with them and still watch them when I can.
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Post by Aliphsi »

I think mainly nostalgia. I was one of those children that watched Disney movies again and again so there are a lot of feelings attached to them. Also, Pixar movies are so good, and since is part of Disney it's a reason too.
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Post by Dzejn_Crvena »

Not really. I don't remember watching all Disney Princesses movies. I'm not even a Barbie fan, but my best friend loved to collect their movies so I watched some.
I never saw the appeal of being inlove with someone at a young age.
However, I love Ratatouille and Wall-E. They're very inspirational.
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Post by fridamadrid »

I love Disney movies. I was recently thinking about how I like most of them. Of course I dislike some, but it's really a small number and I really think most of them are great.
They are just sweet, fun, well made movies. They're interesting, the characters are good and most of them are not cringy.
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Post by Archaeoptery »

I like Disney movies, going more toward the newest ones with how they do not wait for a man to show up. Disney is what I usually end up watching to what I notice.
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Kavita Shah
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Post by Kavita Shah »

I have Watched Disney while growing up, but now Studio Ghibli is the new Disney for me.
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Post by mraphael1 »

I love certain Disney films and others I don't really enjoy. I think it depends on the story line and the characters in the story.
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