Which movie ruined a good book?

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Re: Which movie ruined a good book?

Post by Barbie_sidhu »

The mortal instruments was a huge disappointment. Ever the web series is better than the movie.

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Post by Sally_Heart »

The hunger games. They completely ruined the book with that one. I expected more from them.

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Post by Topsey »

I think Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was a disappointing movie by Tim Burton. As a stand alone it was a good movie, however, it compresses three books into one. So much was cut out to make it work. I was annoyed that such an amazing story was torn to pieces to squash it into one film.

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Post by victoriasimons »

American Psycho - the film underwent such heavy censoring that it is unrecognisable from the wonderfully disturbing novel.

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Post by yapashley »

Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson! The movies absolutely destroyed the books. I just hate how the movies turned out to be such garbage when the books were so fantastical. Hoping a lot more for the newly announced series!

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Post by V-20 »

I love Logan Lerman and I am sad to say, Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters. :(
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Post by beatrice_mom »

House of Peculiar Children is a great book. But the film adaptation is complete nonsense. Worse is that Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley. She could not even convey that era even close.

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Post by Noda21k »

As other people have said - Eragon. Definitely one of the worst adaptations. It's like they were making the movie and following the plot and then just went ehh and decided to do something entirely different midway through. Did the person adapting the book die or something? Like seriously.

I personally didn't mind the Hunger Games adaptation mainly because I couldn't STAND Katniss in the books. Which boy do I love? Do I love either of them? x 5000 Just the fact that we didn't have to be privy to her indecision all of movies 2-4, I was fine.

Also, Twilight, while not a very good book series in and of itself, was awful in movie form mainly due to Kristen Stewart. I don't know if she can't act or they just gave her crap direction, but she was AWFUL in that series.

I also didn't like the changes they made to Divergent, which sent it down a path it couldn't recovered from.

Same thing with "Legend of the Seeker." I LOVE the book series and I also LOVE the show. Its just the shows writers painted themselves into a corner when they went away from the source material and it just ultimately lost viewers.

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Post by Eriny Youssef »

The Goldfinch. The book is just awesome and full of details. But the movie had a very slow pace and, even though it wasn't entirely boring, it could have been so much better.

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Post by A Y reviews »

Game of Thrones, Harry Potter etc. These books are awesome. But the movies where not so much. People loved the movies simply because they didn't have a clue what the books look like. Only if they did

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Post by aby johnson »

i'll give a really good list here

inferno by dan brown
angels and demons also by dan brown
percy jackson series

want to go on?
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Post by 2436mag »

"The Hobbit" movies are exceedingly disappointing. Every time my kids watch them I cringe. I would agree with the movie "Eragon" too. It had a good start. But especially towards the end it almost seemed like they didn't want to make the sequels and said screw it. I watched the movie before I read the books. I actually used this as an example for my kids. We read the first book together and then watched the movie. I was trying to show them how much you miss out on in a movie adaptation of a book. They got the point. lol

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Post by CottonFioc »

Percy Jackson, definitely.
Everyone in the fandom agrees. The movies just don't make sense. I thought I was watching the wrong movie, because nothing made sense.

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Post by _claudi_ »

It was little women for me. The book had more creative and imaginative touch than the movie itself.

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