Movies that were better than their books

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Re: Movies that were better than their books

Post by JaeBlessing » 28 Dec 2019, 20:55

The movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (the one with James Mason) was better than the book. In my estimation anyway...

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Laura Lee
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Post by Laura Lee » 02 Jan 2020, 23:20

Anything by Tom Clancy! LOL I find his books made into movies are more enjoyable than the books themselves. Sacrilege, I know! But that's how I feel. I love the movie, "The Hunt for Red October" and all the other Jack Ryan movies.
Laura Lee

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Post by osigele-favour11 » 04 Jan 2020, 14:23

I would say Ben hur..... Hurd Hatfield and George did great

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Post by acarterx11 » 05 Jan 2020, 19:35

The book the "fault in our stars " was hands down an amazing book but the movie on the other hand was heartbreaking just seeing the faces of the character's throughout the movie and knowing and almost feeling what their feeling is amazing.

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Post by Piper05 » 06 Jan 2020, 15:50

The Thorn Birds. Even though a mini series was so much better than the book.

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Post by HarryPotterLibrary22 » 07 Jan 2020, 11:36

It's not a film but series: The 100

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Post by AnnaLibri » 12 Jan 2020, 22:38

I enjoyed the 1995 film of Sense and Sensibility more than the book. Great cast, and Emma Thompson did a fantastic job on the screenplay.

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Artful dodger
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Post by Artful dodger » 14 Jan 2020, 05:05

I would say that the war horse is much better then the movie.but the most of Charles Dickens books r better then the movies.

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Post by Maya28 » 14 Jan 2020, 16:24

I personally prefer the Lord of the Rings movies to the books. The books were too long-winded for me.

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Post by [Danielle] » 18 Jan 2020, 09:12

Divergent! I was absolutely enamoured by the movie so I decided to read the book. I was left feeling disappointed as the book felt over-simplified and less high-stakes.
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Post by KCWolf » 21 Jan 2020, 13:19

IMHO, the Jurassic Park movies and the Twilight Saga.
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Post by tsh1001 » 21 Jan 2020, 15:13

None that I have read/watched!! Not at least that I can remember.

I will say, however... the Lord of the Rings comes to mind. The books did not spark my interest, so I suppose you could say I enjoyed those movies better.

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Post by NovaFly » 22 Jan 2020, 19:02

The book is okay but the How to Train Your Dragon movie is better.

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