How to cook Spaghetti

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Mary Jane Magdale
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How to cook Spaghetti

Post by Mary Jane Magdale » 24 May 2018, 18:31

Cooking pasta is really simple, but like a lot of simple cooking, timing is crucial. Most dried pasta cooks in about 10 mins – a few minutes less and it will be chalky and tough, a few minutes more and you’ll end up with a slimy mush. The trick is to test it and stop cooking when it’s perfectly ‘al dente’ – which translates from Italian as ‘to the tooth’ but simply means you should need to use your teeth to chew it. :D

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Post by Sinmisola » 25 May 2018, 08:19


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Post by thaservices1 » 28 May 2018, 17:36

I'm a sucker for the 'throw it against the wall and see if it sticks' test, but I like mine just a touch past al dente.
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Post by TemiOlaiya » 28 May 2018, 17:52

It is better to actually cook it for 10minutes

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Post by Astridrose » 11 Jun 2018, 02:10

I normally follow the time stated in the instruction of the spaghetti wrapper and at the same time I also taste if its already al dente. Then I prepare the sauce from scratch.

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Post by TaaraLynn » 28 Jun 2018, 16:11

Astridrose wrote:
11 Jun 2018, 02:10
I normally follow the time stated in the instruction of the spaghetti wrapper and at the same time I also taste if its already al dente. Then I prepare the sauce from scratch.
This, right here! Instructions are key. Then, homemade sauce.
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Post by Lil Reads » 28 Jun 2018, 19:00

:eusa-think: I don't remember ever cooking pasta for more than six or seven minutes. Is that for fresh pasta or certain shapes?
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Post by Bukari » 20 Jul 2018, 14:45

It is very easy to prepare. As far as your water is boiling, just pour the spaghetti into the water. And in about ten minutes, it will be ready to eat.
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Post by ladycatsinger » 29 Jul 2018, 06:00

I cook my sauce (always from scratch) and add a little extra water to it, then cook the spaghetti in the sauce. I prefer it that way since the flavor gets into the pasta. It was the way my mom fixed it, and when I made a giant crockpot of it and took it into work, every morsel was eaten and I had one guy tell me that it was the best spaghetti he had ever had...quite a compliment.

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Post by phoepra » 29 Jul 2018, 13:56

well I usually make my sauce with lots of vegetables, like carrot, green pepper, tomatoes, chilli and the put in my already parboiled spaghetti.

the taste is superb

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Post by Asenathchebet » 30 Jul 2018, 08:34

I boil water,put them inside and after like 10 minutes its ready to serve

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Post by a9436 » 31 Jul 2018, 05:21

This is not really for spaghetti, but fusilli or penne can be baked too. I soak the pasta in cold water for 10 mins, then drain, and mix it and half a mug of new water into a sauce in a baking tray. After 20 minutes at 200 C it has a slightly firmer texture than when boiled, so it might not be to everyone's taste, but I thought I'd share the idea as at busy times it is very convenient to be able to bung it in the oven and walk away rather than stir a pot.

Jessica Reehl
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Post by Jessica Reehl » 10 Aug 2018, 10:10

I find most people like their pasta way past al dente. I find it hard to eat pasta if someone else cooks it because it's so mushy. But, most people feel like if I cook it, it's too chewy. Personal preference, I guess, but there is evidence that it's better for your sugar levels to have it al dente. I also only use 100% whole grain or gluten free brown rice pasta.

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Post by Dyanne1964 » 10 Aug 2018, 22:13

wow, pasta is one of the many foods I like to cook, not to mention that it is very easy and simple.

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Post by klwoodford » 13 Aug 2018, 16:02

I love how cheap and easy pasta is. Honestly, I never time how long it takes to cook, I just do it by the look and use a taste test method. I've heard that if you fling a noodle at a wall and it sticks it's done but I've never tried that.

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