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Post by Snowhite189 » 03 May 2018, 03:06

Before eating your meal will you consider to have an appetizer? Sometimes your meal isn't complete without an appetizer, me personally when I happened to attend an event like birthdays they served an appetizer before the main course, may ask of you guy do you have an appetizer before meal?
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Post by JuliaKay » 06 May 2018, 08:20

At home, I do not have an appetizer. Maybe I will have some tea or water. If I go to a restaurant, I like to have a salad before the main course. Sometimes there are appetizers that are so tempting, that I will end up getting one. I do not like when there is bread on the table because it's hard to say "no" to.
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Post by Ernie6988 » 10 May 2018, 22:49

I never have appetizers if I am cooking at home. However, when we eat out, I do order them to try different ones. This backfires as I get filled up and cannot eat my main entre.

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Post by palilogy » 11 Jun 2018, 21:53

If I'm out at a restaurant then I am all for the appetizer. I love Olive Garden where I can have soup, salad, breadsticks and there appetizers are amazing. At home though I make a meal, occasionally there might be bread and I think of that as a go with the meal appetizer.

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Post by LaurenHaupt » 11 Jun 2018, 22:47

Chips and queso dip.

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Post by simplymica26 » 26 Jun 2018, 01:35

We don't normally eat appetizer at home but eating in restaurant I usually have soup or salad. In Italian restaurant, we order bruscetta or pita bread with artichoke dip

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Post by Lil Reads » 28 Jun 2018, 19:10

It depends on what I'm cooking.

At home, I sometimes have buffalo chicken/buffalo veggie chicken and salads to go with burgers or pizza, chips and dip (hummus/salsa) with Mexican. Salads are my main appetizer, soup is usually added for winter.

I love getting them when I'm dining out. I usually switch out whatever starchy side comes with my entree with another vegetable - e.g. mashed potatoes replaced with broccoli or rice replaced with salad - and have an appetizer like nachos, crab cakes, buffalo chicken, onion rings, and more.
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Post by Riszell » 04 Jul 2018, 01:13

Sometimes. I like creamy mushroom or chicken soup amd also caesar salad for appetizer.

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Post by TaaraLynn » 11 Jul 2018, 16:15

When I was younger, I would always get mozzarella sticks or buffalo wings when eating out. Other than that, I stopped getting appetizers. At home, others parties, or events I never taking anything beforehand. Maybe something from a veggie tray and that's rare.
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