I just transitioned vegetarian to vegan and need recipes!

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I just transitioned vegetarian to vegan and need recipes!

Post by MerissaFaye »

So I just transitioned into vegan from pescetarianism (vegetarian eating fish) and I'm having issues finding good vegan options for food. I want a vegan cookbook or a good website or blogger with good recipes. I'd also love any recipes anyone has! Vegan is so difficult to transition to for me, and it's been a hard 12 days being vegan.

Any ideas are welcome!
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Post by Trehanna7 »

Hello!! I know what you mean! Im struggling with the same thing. I get many of my recipes from youtubers who have blogs and websites, Watching them cook inspires me more though. you can try one green planet (website), the vegan corner, hot for food, cooking with plants, Chef Ani, Chef Mama Rosa, happy vegan couple, A healthy vegan, the kale sandwich show, perfectly plant based, Mr. and Mrs. Vegan, That vegan mom, vegan physique, vegan hustle tv, something vegan, cooking with nature, peta (website), Guilt free vegan, mango Island mama, Eco-vegan gal, health nut nutrition, healthy vegan life, the tofu guru, vegan cooking with love, brown vegan, wise cooking, saveyon foods, sweet potato soul, and cheap lazy vegan.
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Sierra Rose
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Post by Sierra Rose »

I just recently adopted the vegan lifestyle myself (2 months strong!), and I would NOT have been able to do it without reading "No Meat Athlete," by Matt Frazier and Matthew Ruscigno. One section of the book is entirely devoted to diet, so even if you're not interested in the athletics aspect, it's a great read. You can check out "No Meat Athlete"'s website too (but they won't let me post the url since I'm new to the site..haha)! There are also plenty of vegan cookbooks out there, but, in my humble opinion, nothing beats Pinterest.

Good luck with your plant-based endeavors! :)
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Post by brutalbabe91 »

My mom has been vegan for 2 years, I myself am not but I cook vegan/vegetarian ALL the time!!! Everyone is right about Pinterest. I also have this book called "Plant-Powered Families" by Dreena Burton. It's got great tips and recipes for kids or picky eaters.
The vegan "crazy cake" on pinterest is AWESOME!! look up the recipe for "Deviled Tomatoes" another great. The smoky BBQ sweet potato chick pea burgers on pinterest are to die for.
Brands like Amy's make amazing ice cream that tastes like regular ice cream. Daiya is probably the best "cheese" and smart balance for the butter. GOOD LUCK!
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Post by Natasha_Smith »

Recently I have been cooking with black bean recipes. Usually I soak them for about 8 hours, then I cook them with stock soup with garlic and onion until they are soft. Sometimes I puree them into a paste and use them in quesadillas, other times I will use it in a side with rice.
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Post by bruin »

I look on Pinterest to get vegan meal ideas, especially for tasty baked goods. I have also found the peta website useful for vegan recipes.
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Post by Genaaa »

I'm not really that sure of vegan recipes in all honesty. Just wanted to say it's pretty cool that you're so dedicated to this.
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Post by falloutlunartic »

I LOVE YouTube for this! My favorite vegan YouTubers are ItsMandarin, Caitlin Shoemaker, Liv's Healthy Life, Sarah's Vegan Kitchen, The Happy Pear, Ana Banana, and Bonnyrebecca. I am also a new vegan, have been for almost a month! Yay!
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Post by indubitabubbly »

Whole Foods market has a fantastic vegan tofu curry that I get (and I am non-vegetarian). I am not positive on the recipe but I bet you could find it online!
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Post by Scott »

I'm a vegetarian!

I'm thinking of starting a feature for OnlineBookClub where members can submit vegetarian recipes, and then my kids and I can try making the recipes. Then we can report back on how well it turned out. In other words, we can be your guinea pigs for vegetarian recipes. Anyone who is daring can also join in as a guinea pig.
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Post by Iloveflowers »

you tube has so many :)
we could choose one to all try and see how we get along..
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Post by CommMayo »

May I ask why you decided to become vegan?
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Post by elphochan »

Hi Merissa! How has your first year of being vegan been? I've been vegan for about three years and before that was a pescetarian for three years. I remember the struggle of transitioning quite well. I'm actually the worst cook, but my favorite simple thing to make is rigatoni covered in tomato basil sauce and nutritional yeast instead of Parmesan. For my side dish, I steam some spinach and saute mushrooms in Earth Balance butter and soy sauce. To drink, I have Silk protein nutmilk to make sure I'm getting enough protein in the meal. I have that for dinner about 2-3 times a week. I know it's not ideal, but I tend to eat out a lot. My favorite cuisine is Greek. I LOVE falafel with yellow rice and a big side salad with hummus. YUM!
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Post by victorycoffee »

elphochan, do you have any cookbooks that you use as a go-to? I tend to build combos out of whatever tins of beans/tomatoes/fresh produce i have plus some sort of starch, but apart from Kenji's section on seriouseats I haven't really been super inspired in the vegan space
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Post by David_92 »

I just learnt a new word like ' pescetarianism ' . Learning contintues. All the best in finding your right diet .
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