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Re: About Green Tea

Post by shelidizel » 06 Dec 2017, 10:25

Hmmm i don't think am that health conscious..

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Post by Jibek+ » 08 Dec 2017, 09:56

I like to have a green tea after lunch or tea time. It helps for digestion, and quench.I have once a day.

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Post by Bakhriddin » 09 Dec 2017, 00:53

Green Tea is verry useful. I like to drink green tea at the mornings espessially

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Post by Insightsintobooks729 » 18 Dec 2017, 15:05

I normally don't drink tea, but after reading this I might give it a try. Thank you.
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Post by Mylifehayat » 20 Dec 2017, 04:40

green tea is good for loosing wait , especialy when you drink it in morning . green tea is good with honey .

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Post by Sophia-Ningthoujam+ » 01 Jan 2018, 09:57

U want Green tea, I'm work Green tea farm in my property.i love this brew.

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Post by David_92 » 03 Jan 2018, 02:49

Wow. I hope to find the green tea products in my local shop.

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Post by BookHausJ » 05 Jan 2018, 05:52

Nice research! I believe that Green Tea is really good. In fact I also heard that Chinese people love drinking Tea. Maybe for Health reason.

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Post by mandalee519 » 17 Jan 2018, 15:51

I've always heard great things about green tea so it really comes to no surprise that it is my go-to tea of choice. If I am not drinking green tea, then it must be blueberry.

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Post by Tzara Drusak » 12 Feb 2018, 18:07

I remember when Mama used to stock me full of this stuff. She'd ply it in my hair as a mask along with castor oil, give me every morning before school to drink, and soak cucumbers in it to put on my eyes.

It's a straight miracle that I didn't develop a stigma. I realize now that it was good thing; my kinky hair is extremely healthy and sleek, my bags have disappeared (somewhat) and my skin is okay.

To add to your comment about cholesterol, most people can't stomach the taste with no additives, but adding sugar or artificial sweeteners just ruins the purpose. Using honey with just a little cinnamon gives it this nice, soothing finish without detracting from its benefits.

It's also true that it aids in weight loss, and the above recipe is especially great for this. It can be applied on the lashes as a nightly ritual for strong strands, topically applied, or the bags used as compost for our gardening endeavours.
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Post by ckiplang24 » 13 Feb 2018, 15:59

I have known tea as a stimulant but with other beneficiaries like the control of blood pressure, controlling of blood sugar and cholesterol in our bodies should be the number one marketing word for this product. It's unfortunate millions of people in the world are struggling with thsee issues of blood sugar and blood pressure but with the knowledge of green tea can be a relief to Many.

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Post by Musae » 19 Feb 2018, 13:51

My mind agrees with the health benefits, my body needs coffee...

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