At What Age Did You Start Cooking Food?

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Re: At What Age Did You Start Cooking Food?

Post by ladycraic » 05 Nov 2017, 23:57

I'd say around 12, I started making more "advanced" meals. Before that, it was mostly ramen noodle, pasta and eggs!

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Post by vaz222 » 16 Nov 2017, 12:25

My foster family never taught me how to cook but I"m getting there on my own. Wish I had started younger.

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Post by CommMayo » 16 Nov 2017, 19:02

I was always around food and helping my mother as a young child. I got by okay in college, but I would say I started to become a competent cook in my early 20's. that was when I could alter recipies and create edible meals with what I had on hand.

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Post by Mugamax » 16 Nov 2017, 22:16

At the age of ten i was cooking.

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Post by Carol Cisne » 18 Nov 2017, 19:51

Innocent chinenye wrote:I started at the age of 10. I came to learned that some parents don't allowed their children to enter kitchen even when their of age. Y?
When I was a kid I was a kitchen helper (washing, opening containers, etc). Once I could chop well and could reach the stovetop I was cooking meals(so 10-11?). It's been a great backup when I needed a job. Everyone has to eat, right?

As for some people not teaching their children how to cook? There are a variety of reasons for that, some mothers are overly possessive of their kitchen. Some think their kids aren't capable (usually false). Some parents don't know how to cook and the family just goes to restaurants or eats prepared meals. I plan to teach my children how to cook and so does my husband (he better, he's a chef!).

Archie Tewksbury
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Post by Archie Tewksbury » 23 Nov 2017, 00:58

I don't remember exact age, but i started cooking since i am small.I love to cook,especially to try new recipes, so started it when I am small itself.

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Post by Chyokore1 » 24 Nov 2017, 08:45

I started cooking at the age of 10

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Post by CaitlinGonya » 26 Nov 2017, 14:45

Like 10 or 11. I mean I had 2 working parents and 2 older siblings in activities. I had to learn quick if I wanted to eat

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Post by Gods Monkey » 27 Nov 2017, 01:13

The first time I “made cookies” I was about a year old. I sat on the counter as my grandma made them. The first time I really cooked I was probably 6 or 7.

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Post by Dolor » 27 Nov 2017, 07:08

At the young age of 7, I remembered I started cooking the way primitive people did. I cooked rice using firewood and cooking pot on a tripod. It was not properly cooked due to insufficient water. What my mother did was put some salt on top of the cooking pot cover. The steam from the salt had cooked the rice properly.

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Post by Wambui Wamburu » 27 Nov 2017, 08:33

At the age of 14 got sisters ahead of me so they would do it

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Believe Desmond
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Post by Believe Desmond » 27 Nov 2017, 10:26

I started cooking at the age of 12
cooking noodles
it was fun

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Believe Desmond
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Post by Believe Desmond » 27 Nov 2017, 10:26

I started cooking at the age of 12
cooking noodles
it was fun

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Post by Barbiedole » 28 Nov 2017, 20:22

That'll be 15. My dad was so scared I'd probably burn the house down... Which I obviously didn't!

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Post by Rosemary Wright » 07 Dec 2017, 04:27

I started cooking at the age of 11. As a growing child, I admired my mother's cooking abilities and dreamt of being like her someday. As soon as I was grown enough to understand the kitchen safety rules, I begged my mother for an opportunity to cook and she obliged.

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