What Did You Cook/bake Today?

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Re: What Did You Cook/bake Today?

Post by dennisbragra »

Mwatu wrote: 28 Apr 2021, 05:39 Today I'll be making some vegetable rice! :D
There with you...tho i have some beef stew
Saakshi Jain
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Post by Saakshi Jain »

Today I baked some delicious cake!!
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Post by Mys_Trea »

I baked a lemon cake today. Judging by the now empty cake platter, it is safe to say that it was a definite hit. :wink2:
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Post by nata_mak »

I will make a roll with berries.
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Post by BookBoyP »

I already cooked the easiest dish to make "Noodles".
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Shillah A
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Post by Shillah A »

I will be cooking fish later today. One of my favorite meals. I love cooking.
Thafheema Zaroony
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Post by Thafheema Zaroony »

I fried chicken popcorns todayyy😄
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Post by Yusuf11 »

I wasn't prepared for it but a lot of visitors came to our place today so I had a lot of work. I cooked rice, peas and fried fish. I'm a good cook so everyone complemented the food. I also made a mixed juice of some fruits and gave them. As a snack, later I baked some muffins. It was tiresome but I enjoyed the food.
Abdullahi A 2
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Post by Abdullahi A 2 »

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Post by Gravy »

I made some fish and veggies for supper.

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Post by Bigwig1973 »

Today is my 3rd attempt at making beef snack sticks. The first two attempts resulted in edible snack sticks, but not anywhere near the taste and texture I was aiming for! Hopefully, this batch will turn out a little better!
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Anjali Patil
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Post by Anjali Patil »

I am an Indian so i cooked Chicken Mughlai Today!
It's Chicken simmered in a rich gravy of fried onion, cashew and spices and condiments.
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Post by Mys_Trea »

For dinner, I prepared a yummy vegetable soup. It is quite chilly in South Africa at the moment, so soup is my comfort food.
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Post by Reader-247 »

I made aloo bariyaan today aloo means potato and bariyaan is like lentils and spices ground together shaped in a irregular cluster than dried. Its than cooked in a curry eaten with roti.
Sunil Lata Singh
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Post by Sunil Lata Singh »

Today, I started my day with tea & oatmeal breakfast. Later I had rasam soup with chow noodle curry flavor. It is a great immunity booster.
I also had French Fries & Cocoa.
Now, I am in the process of making home made yoghurt for raitha / salsa salad dressing & also for tomorrow's tandoori / biryani recipes. Cheers.
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